If it's a hole, it's a goal.

A disgraced tennis star becomes a coach to the daughter of a shady businessman in Deep Games’ The Tennis Master.

The Tennis Master is a criminal romance drama centered around a former tennis star named Yuri. After falling from grace, the former champion has since been looking for a new way forward, struggling to figure out who he really is as a person or what he even wants from life. He’s eventually approached by a rich businessman named Gavril, who asks him to work as a personal tennis coach for his daughter Sofia. Given how lucrative the offer is, Yuri agrees to help, despite his doubts.

Yuri soon meets a sizeable cast of women that surround Gavril. Aside from his intelligent daughter, Sofia, there’s also her half-sister, the confident Mischa, and her shy mother, Anya. Sofia is also close friends with the oft-mistreated servant, Lenina. Finally, Gravil is typically accompanied by his right-hand woman, Irina. In merely doing his best to help out Sofia, Yuri is soon dragged into the many conflicts taking place between these women and Gavril, with drugs and crime laying at the center of it all.

The Tennis Master features a story about 35,000 words long, with 1800 images, 16 original animations, and three different endings depending on the choices made throughout.

The protagonist of this adult visual novel is a disgraced former tennis champion. The former champion is hired by a mysterious businessman to coach his daughter Sofia.

The tennis master is not too keen on this hire, but accepts for financial reasons. He will soon find himself involved in something bigger than himself, shady deals revolving around the businessman and his family.


- 1800 images

- Ren'Py Engine

- 16 original animations

- 35 thousand words

- Music and sound effects

- You can choose the name of the main character

- Three different endings based on the choices you made.

The Tennis Master is now available on Steam for $9.99.

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