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Explore an endless dungeon in Ketchup AjiNo Mayonnaise’s Momo’s Eternal Adventure, a roguelike RPG now available on Steam.

In Momo’s Eternal Adventure, you play as Momo, a new adventurer who dreams of defeating The Devil Lord, Satan. Like many other adventurers before her, she signs up to be a member of the guild so that she can enter the dungeon. Defeating the Devil Lord will take some time by itself, but further complicating things is the church forcefully taking donations from adventurers. Before you can even return to town, a member of the church will take 90% of the gold and equipment you've obtained within the dungeon.

The gameplay is fast-paced and doesn't involve any level grinding: simply enter the dungeon and you will appear in one of the game’s 200+ maps. The sequence of maps will always be random, so you won’t get the same maps each time you re-enter the dungeon. To move on to the next area, just follow the blue arrows, collecting as many items and materials as you can along the way. Once you leave a map, you won't be able to backtrack to it during your current dungeon exploration. The game also has no key items to collect, so there's no need to worry about clearing the entire map out for items; more will appear on the next map.

To move around the map freely, you'll need to get rid of the NPCs, monsters, and other obstacles that are in your way. There are multiple ways for you to clear the path, depending on the character. To clear out NPCs, you'll need to buy or trade something with them. After they give you a few choices, you will need to pick one if you want them to leave. When you encounter a monster, you can either sacrifice a portion of your health, elemental magic, or a weapon. If your health reaches zero, you will get an H-scene before you're transported out of the dungeon. As for other obstacles, such as bonfires, dark areas, dirt piles, etc, you'll need to use tools that can be found throughout the various maps.

Every time you leave the dungeon, you'll be taken to a marketplace where you can sell or invest the items and money you earned during your adventure. You won't be able to teleport back to town unless you make a donation to the church. Instead of giving up everything to the church, use your earnings to make investments that can help you the next time you enter the dungeon.


Venture the depths of the Dungeon by upgrading Stats and collecting new Items

Key Features

Zoom through levels with the game's fast-paced design!

Stress-free gameplay with minimal RPG-like fillers!

No game-overs!

No bulky maps! Each map fits in one screen!

No grinding for levels!

One battle, One click!

No walking NPCs to get in your way!

No item collection command! Goes straight to your inventory!

No Time-limit mechanics!

No limited Items that requires scraping the map!

No chance-based crit mechanics!

Designed for high gameplay mastery !

You can buy Momo’s Eternal Adventure on Steam for $16.99. If you want to try out the game, consider downloading the demo. You can also check out the game’s official website for a more in-depth game guide.

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