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To celebrate the golden week, MangaGamer has launched a sale featuring over 40 games and related media, running live until May 8th.

Golden Week is a Japanese break period during which a number of holidays take place. These include Shōwa Day on April 29th, followed by Constitution Memorial Day, Greenery Day, and Children's Day on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th of May. This period holds high significance, giving publishers and storefronts alike much reason to celebrate. Continuing with their yearly tradition, MangaGamer has decided to host a Golden Week Sale.

This year, the promotion will last until May 8th. Until then, you can purchase the following titles at reduced prices:

Amatarasu Riddle Star by softhouse-sealMangaGamer $39.95 $15.98, Steam $39.99 $15.99

Armored Warrior Iris by Lilith $24.95 $12.47 (Review)

Bokuten - Why I Became an Angel by OVERDRIVE — MangaGamer $44.95 $22.47, Steam $44.99 $22.49

Cartagra ~Affliction of the Soul~ by InnocentGrey $34.95 $17.47 (Review)

Conquering the Queen by Liquid $24.95 $12.47

Demon Master Chris by Nyaatrap $16.95 $8.47 (Review)

Dies irae DX package by Light $39.95 $19.97

Duel Princess by qureate $24.95 $19.96

Dungeon of Corruption by Hentai Industries $12.95 $8.41 (Review)

eden* by minori — MangaGamer $19.95 $9.97, Steam $19.99 $9.99

eden* PLUS+MOSAIC by minori $24.95 $12.47 (Review)

Eternal Torment by Liquid $44.95 $22.47

Forbidden Love with My Wife’s Sister by Appetite $14.95 $9.71

Free Friends by Noesis $24.95 $12.47 (Review)

Free Friends 2 by Noesis $24.95 $12.47 (Review)

Harem Party by Tactics $24.95 $12.47

How to Live a Healthy Hentai Lifestyle! by CLOCKUP $44.95 $29.21

Hypno-training My Mother and Sister by AmeNoMurakumo $14.95 $9.71

Innocent Grey Bundle featuring Kara no Shojo and Cartagra! $59.95 $29.97

Kara no Shojo by InnocentGrey $34.95 $17.47, Steam $34.99 $17.49

Kara no Shojo - The Second Episode by InnocentGrey $39.95 $19.97

Killjoy Hunter Yuuko by minori $2.99 $2.09

Koropokkur in Love ~A Little Fairy’s Tale~ by MangaGamer $14.95, $5.23 Steam $14.99 $5.24

Love Sweets by MOONSTONE $44.95 $35.96

Magical Marriage Lunatics by MOONSTONE $44.95 $29.21

Magical Teacher: My Teacher’s a Mage? by SCORE $24.95 $12.47

Marina's Cuckolding Report: Sensitive Wife and Great Fuck College Student by Atelier Sakura $19.95 $9.97

Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny by softhouse-seal $24.95 $12.47 (Review)

MYTH by Circletempo $14.95 $5.23 (Review)

MYTH - Steam Edition by Circletempo $14.99 $5.24

Namaiki Dark Elf Sisters ~Cocky Chicks Craving Creampies~ by Waffle — MangaGamer $34.95, $29.70 Steam $34.99 $29.74

Orc Castle by Hentai Industries $12.95 $8.41 (Review)

Please Bang My Wife by Atelier Sakura $19.95 $9.97

Sandwitched by my wife and her sister by PSYCHO $19.95 $9.97

Secret Sorrow of the Siblings by Appetite $14.95 $9.71

Space Pirate Sara by Lilith $24.95 $12.47 (Review)

SSSS: Super Secret Sexy Spy by softhouse-seal $24.95 $12.47

Supipara - Alice the magical conductor. Chapter 1 by minori — MangaGamer $14.95 $5.98, Steam $14.99 $5.99

Supipara - Alice the magical conductor. Chapter 2 by minori — MangaGamer $14.95 $5.98, Steam $14.99 $5.99

Sweet Young Bride by ammolite $14.95 $9.71 (Review)

Touma Kojirou’s Detective File -Murder at the Opera House- by softhouse-seal $24.95 $12.47

Uchikano - Living With My Girlfriend by MOONSTONE $24.95 $19.96

Valkyrie Svia by Lilith $24.95 $12.47 (Review)

We Love Master! by SCORE $29.95 $14.97

You can browse the sale in its entirety over on MangaGamer. The store's Golden Week special offers will last until May 8th.

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