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Free Puzzle Game Nobunaga: Sakura’s Blossom Released on

Learn more about a mysterious masked girl in Red Pines Corp’s Nobunaga: Sakura’s Blossom, now available for free on

Nobunaga: Sakura’s Blossom is a puzzle game with a story attached to it. A bespectacled man named Kyouya meets a girl wearing a traditional mask during the Sakura Festival. Curious about her, Kyouya approaches her to find out who she is. They start to date and make memories together, but something sinister hangs over the couple, waiting for their love to fall apart. The curse of Nobunaga states that a Nobunaga is destined to fight and not to love. As fate would have it, Kyouya is part of the Nobunaga lineage, but will this curse doom his relationship?

In this game, you will get to know the masked girl Sakura. For each level, you need to finish the description with the correct password. For example, the sentence will start with “believes in:.” Finish the sentence with one of the passwords provided to you. If you click the call button, you can check your answers and know how many you got correct. None of the passwords will be repeated and you will not be able to check your answers if any of them conflict with each other. After each level, Sakura will lose one piece of clothing.

As you are completing the statements, a bear head will appear near Sakura. Click on them to collect memos of Kyouya and Sakura’s memories together. When you complete a level, you have the chance to read the memos you collected and view a conversation between the couple. You must collect all the memos to get the true ending.

You can play Nobunaga: Sakura’s Blossom on for free.

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