...the fuck?

An ambitious futanari begins her work as a park ranger in Dirty Ink Games’ Hard Times at Sequoia State Park, a slice of life visual novel published by TinyHat Studios.

Hard Times at Sequoia State Park is a short visual novel inspired by the comic Sequoia State by hizzacked. The star of the story is a futanari named Chloe, an elegant woman who’s just begun her job as one of the park’s rangers. However, she soon finds out that the job won’t be simple. While she happened to have an attractive boss, and can work alongside her best friend and fellow futanari Sara, Chloe will also have to put up with her former lover Becky. Despite their rocky history, the heroine still finds her ex attractive, which makes the relationship notably complicated.

The visual novel offers a short story focused on Chloe and her tricky relationship with Becky. Developers have already announced that more content will be added through free updates in the coming months. The side stories will feature new scenarios and expand the cast of characters. The plan is to feature a total of 60 CGs across three unique branching paths. However, only 15 CGs are included in the visual novel at the moment.

An erotic interactive narrative, join Chloe as she starts her first day on the job as a park ranger! Between working with her former lover, smokeshow of a boss and dealing with her bitter rival- Chloe is going to have a HARD time keeping her own redwood from sprouting up!

Sequoia is a short but sweet experience, densely packed with sexy art and captivating writing! Featuring over 15 unique CGs, complete with multiple variations per CG!

Replay the game to change the context of the scenes and to unlock more scene variations!

Becky - If there ever was a bitch who bitched the most, it would be this bitch!

1000% that bitch. Still, goddamn, she's hot. Stupid, sexy, bitch.

Chloe - A cynical burnout who’s always worried about her secret being discovered.

Despite not being the most reliable, she tries her best to keep a low-profile.

Sara - Chloes best friend and co-worker who shares the same secret in her pants.

Reliable, friendly, and always chill. Also slings some fantastic dick. 10/10 woodswoman.

While this is a full release, we have more content planned in the coming months! While Becky and Chloe are the focus of this initial content, we hope to add paralogue stories featuring new scenes with more of the cast members! Better yet, this content will be FREE to anyone who owns a copy of the game!

Hard Times at Sequoia State Park is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $8.99 until March 2nd, at which point it will cost $9.99.

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