Slaps and faps for all kinds of boys and girls

A wolf-eared gynoid searches through ancient ruins to find an object in Fluffy Ears Trap Dungeon, now available on DLsite.

Fluffy Ears Trap Dungeon [ケモミミトラップダンジョン in Japanese], is an RPG Maker game developed by The League of Milking Gentlemen. You play as the operator of the organic gynoid Yoi. She was sent to explore ruins across multiple dimensions to find “Hebdomas.” As you communicate with Yoi through telecoms, she will listen to whatever you tell her. It’s up to you to help her navigate the ruins and complete her mission.

As you move through the ruins, you will need to solve puzzles to make any progress. These puzzles involve tasks such as obtaining items, finding information to type in codes, and more. If you fail the puzzle, a trap will trigger, the operator will lose communication with Yoi, and an H-scene will play out. Each failure will result in a game over and you will need to start from your last save point.

You can save your game with the glowing circle on the ground, so if you want to collect game over H-scenes, remember to save your game. As an added note, while the game lacks voice acting at the present time, if the game sells 1,000 units, The League of Milking Gentlemen will add voices to the game.

◆Fully animated events◆

There are a total of 6 trap events, each fully animated.

The scenes are as follows:

- Tentacle fellatio

- Mind control gas masturbation

- Machine rape

- Tentacle gang rape

- Monster rape

- Childbirth

You can buy Fluffy Ears Trap Dungeon on DLsite for ¥990 [approximately $7.69 USD]. There is also a short demo available that features two puzzles.

As usual for games on DLsite, you may need to have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese for the game to work properly. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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