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Two and a Half Studios' fantasy Boys Love visual novel, The Divine Speaker, is now available on JAST USA.

We previously wrote about The Divine Speaker when Two and a Half Studios started a Kickstarter for the game. Since then, the game has been published on Steam and, but it wasn't until this past April that the game was published on JAST USA. The story follows Raen, a young man who grew up as an orphan in the isolated city of Aurelia Cavella. Due to a set of unfortunate circumstances, he was exiled from the city as a death sentence, leaving Raen to venture into unfamiliar lands, away from the only home he ever knew. What's more, Raen’s fate is tied together with three other men. What tricks does fate have in store for the four men and just how will they face them?

The Divine Speaker features three different love interests: Cyne, a rich heir from a distant city; Leos, an assassin sent to kill Raen; or Fawn, a mysterious man who resides in the woods. Depending upon your choices, there are two side couples with their own stories to enjoy. Immerse yourself in over forty detailed backgrounds and over seventy CGs, which include variations and +18 artwork. There's also a streamer mode, which allows the player to toggle mosaics on H-scenes with the click of a button. Two and a Half Studios does plan to release a free patch that will add full voice acting to the game, but the patch’s release date has not been announced.


- Three romanceable guys with varying degrees of morality.

- 40+ original backgrounds designed to suck you into the world.

- 70+ original illustrations, plus variations.

- Uncensored NSFW artworks.

- An original soundtrack with singers by the likes of Emi Evans, Morgan Berry and C.L

- Two hidden side couples you can watch get together (if you make the right choices!)

- An encylopedia that gets filled out as you play the game

- Streamer mode - mosaic all NSFW CGs with the click of a button

- Over 250,000 words of story for you to follow

- Full voice acting will be added in a free patch in the future!

You can buy The Divine Speaker on JAST USA for $29.99.

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