Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Worlds of different fairy tales blend together, leading to times of turmoil in Sierra Lee’s Once Ever After, a fantasy RPG now available on Steam.

Once Ever After takes place in a multiverse of fairy tales, where various retellings of the classic stories play out in separate worlds. Sometimes, the Red Riding Hood enters the woods to face the army of the Big Bad Wolf during a war, another time, the adventure retains its classic tone — and the wolf his intention to eat the lost girl. In the case of our Red Riding Hood, the story’s heroine went to the woods for a fun stroll, where the Big Bad Wolf stalks through the bushes, looking for another victim to hug, love and make friends with. However, these worlds are now blending together. Various wolves and riding hoods are beginning to inhabit the same land, and some bring with them military conflicts.

The game plays out as an adventure RPG set in a fantasy world, with the heroines trying to understand and solve their multidimensional predicament. During your travels, you’ll be able to ally with various versions of characters from fairy tales. Each character has access to multiple unique classes that can be mixed and matched, allowing you to customize their playstyle for the turn-based combat portion of the game. There are two difficulty modes to choose from, from 20-to-30 hours of content, and 25 sex scenes to discover, with over 200 images in total.

Everyone knows how the story goes: innocent, 18-year-old Red Riding Hood goes into the woods and is corrupted by the naughty, naughty Big Bad Wolf. Ingrid is the newest Little Red Riding Hood: she doesn't know what awaits her in the dark woods, but she knows that it seems exciting.

But Ingrid's world is only one of an infinite number of Tales, and those stories are starting to bleed over into one another. War is coming, and Ingrid doesn't even know what war is. Nothing will ever be the same, and the only weapon Ingrid has to face the changes is sexy fun.


• A 20-30 hour RPG across multiple alternate fairy tales.

• 25+ base scenes with 200+ images total.

• 30+ chibi images illustrating cute plot moments.

• Two difficulty modes: you can play a challenge where strategy is more important than grinding, or a more relaxed mode where you can enjoy the story.

• All characters have access to multiple classes and skill trees that can be mixed and matched.

• Visible enemies instead of random encounters.

• Modern quality of life features like autosave slots.

• Quest log to organize required and optional content.

• Optional post-game challenges leading to second ending.

Once Ever After is now available on Steam in early access for $24.99.

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