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A stubborn heroine's body becomes lewder in nullnullfullido’s RPG Maker game, Female Brave Iruru Lustful Magical Forest, now available on DLsite.

In Female Brave Iruru Lustful Magical Forest, the game's titular heroine, Iruru, is sent to defeat the hexenbiests dwelling within the enchanted forest. During their battle, the hexenbiest escapes by using a warp spell. While searching for the monster, she encounters Elena, a naughty witch who loves to tease innocent virgins like Iruru. Elena informs her of just how bad her situation is, given that she's entered the forest during monster mating season and the plants are releasing pollen that can make people horny. Despite that, Iruru is determined to venture deeper in the forest, enduring lewd status conditions and monster attacks all the while.

The game features classic-styled turn-based combat and visible enemy encounters. Monsters will attack Iruru sexually, which will increase her pleasure and weaken her attacks. These debuffs will continue to affect Iruru until she manages to resist the attacks. Whenever you resist, a skill check will appear; if you're successful, the monster will let go of you, but failure results in Iruru's pleasure increasing greatly. The hornier Iruru is, the harder it will be for her to fight enemies.

Iruru has three gauges to keep track of; stamina, pleasure, and cumming. Her stamina bar is just her health bar; if she runs out of stamina, Iruru will lose the fight. The pleasure bar increases when Iruru is teased by monsters or other environmental factors; when her pleasure is maxed out, Iruru's cumming gauge will increase rapidly, and when this gauge is filled, Iruru will orgasm and pass out. This will make her vulnerable in battle and unable to act for a few turns.

List of erotic situations

Chronic rutting state due to lewd poison

Harsh tentacle torture

Increasing masturbation techniques

Everyday life becoming tainted with pleasure

Forced climax electric shocks

Clitoral lead pulling

Forced rutting by aphrodisiac slime

Forced masturbation by slime parasites

Masturbation and urination in dungeons

State of masturbation addiction

Crotch rope tightrope walking with a crotch rope and acting while tied to a crotch rope

Forced breast-expansion and forced milking

Forced attachment of nipple rings and clitoris rings

Exploration while wearing tentacle underwear that cannot be removed

Hypnotic sound pleasure recognition and climax countdown

Chronic nipple erection

Sudden, intense nipple tingling

Training on the verge of climax with no end in sight

Forced erection of nipples and clitoris

Vaginal tingling that is never satisfied

Searching and fighting in a state where they can feel even just walking

Stripped of clothes and explored naked

Move around hidden so that enemies cannot see her naked body

Dragged through the streets in nude, full-body restraints

Masturbation distribution in disguise.

Mosquitoes targeting only the pubic area

Remote pleasure torture by sound waves

Marionette shame masturbation dance with spider threads

Forced ejaculation of spider thread mother's milk

Mechanical rape with electric massagers, rotors, mechanical underwear, etc.

Forced climax beam

Pleasure accumulation through time stoppage

Sexual technique instruction using vibrators

Cursed dildos that cannot be removed from the vagina

Combat with the remote control of a vibrator in the hands of the enemy.

Rutting and training in chastity belts

Anal bead insertion

Lewdness imprinted on the uterus, rutting and semen addiction.

Forced impregnation, fighting and spawning in a state of impregnation

Prohibition of climaxing by chastity belt or lewd spells

Forced to smile in daily whore prison

You can buy Female Brave Iruru Lustful Magical Forest on DLsite for 1,650¥ (approx. $12.89). There's also a demo available if you want to try out the game for yourself. Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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