Clean up for the next guy

Gods appoint humans as their champions for a perverse battle royale in Umbrelloid’s Champion of Venus, an action drama visual novel now available on Steam in Early Access.

Champion of Venus is an urban fantasy story following an unfortunate NEET, Rayne. The young girl has been abusing her sister’s hospitality for most of her life, living, eating, and spending all day on the internet at Tayla’s expense. Her idle way of life is throttled when Rayne’s sister suddenly leaves, without much info or an explanation as to her new whereabouts. The new responsibilities are a huge challenge for a layabout like Rayne, though this proves to be only the beginning of her troubles.

While masturbating with her sister’s toys, Rayne is approached by an unknown woman whose allure overwhelms the young girl. Before long, Rayne finds herself in the embrace of a stranger, who turns out to be none other than the goddess of love, Venus. The goddess descended to Earth to elevate Rayne’s sister, Tayla, as her champion for an upcoming competition between gods; however, she mistook the two girls, with such a hefty responsibility now falling onto Rayne. Worse still is that she has no choice: champions of the losing god are destined to become slaves of the victor.

Despite her highly perverted disposition, Rayne is still a virgin, yet she now has to face champions of various gods in contests of sexual domination or end up enslaved for the rest of her life. The contest isn’t as easy as simply having sex, either. Each champion is granted a boon from the goddess that chose them, with many contestants gaining access to inhumanely massive tools or additional body parts, which make sex with them a dangerous challenge.

Ambrosia - the essence of lust.

You play as Rayne: a waste of space, a layabout and a pervert. She's spent her adult life depending on her supermodel sister, Tayla, for everything from her unhealthy diet to her 24/7 internet addiction.

Rayne's slovenly lifestyle is about to change.

Who will claim the Throne of Eros?

When Tayla moves out, Rayne must fend for herself - but how's a girl supposed to pay rent when she's suddenly sucked into an ages-old conflict between the gods of lust? Chosen by Venus, she must confront the other gods' champions in bouts of sexual domination. But despite her scandalous search history, Rayne's a virgin, and she needs to learn fast if she wants to stand a chance.

For the price of failure is eternal servitude...

Champion of Venus is an erotic visual novel packed with explicit depictions and lurid descriptions of: extremely large phalluses entering shockingly stretchy holes, hot girls with toned tummies, bellies being inflated, guys pounding girls, girls pounding boys, girls pounding girls, milk flowing copiously from enormous juicy mammaries, hordes of tentacles plunging into quivering depths, big vibrating toys, gags and blindfolds, and an enigmatic rat. Your choices determine which scenes are shown and how Rayne's relationship evolves with the various characters.

Champion of Venus is now available in Steam Early Access for $5.99. A public demo version of the game is available on

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