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YamamotoDoujinshi’s adult parody, Bulma Adventure 3 - Uncensored Version, brings a new perspective on the Namek Saga of the classic manga series, now available on FAKKU!

Bulma Adventure 3 - Uncensored Version is an updated release of the latest entry in YamamotoDoujinshi’s adult parody series, retreading the story of Dragon Ball from the perspective of Bulma. In this installment, the story takes place during the Namek saga, when the trio of Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan descends upon the planet, hoping to find the dragon balls before Lord Frieza and his men can.

Just like its predecessors, Bulma Adventure 3 - Uncensored Version focuses on exploration. Players will have to scour Namek area-by-area in search of the lost dragon balls, navigating large mazes and solving simple puzzles along the way. For the first time in the series, the rock-paper-scissors combat system is absent; the story plays out linearly, with no risk of a game over, though certain puzzles will have to be attempted from the beginning if the player fails.

As Bulma explores the planet, she will fall prey to Frieza’s men, being frequently violated by various different aliens. These include Cui, Dodoria, and Zarbon in his beast form, among others. Just as often, Bulma will offer her body to others willingly, be it for profit or pure pleasure. All adult scenes in the game are fully animated and uncensored, with a scene gallery that players can unlock by beating the game.

The promotional screenshots below have been provided by FAKKU!: while they contain mosaic censorship, the version available on the FAKKU! storefront has been uncensored.

Bulma Adventure 3 - Uncensored Version is now available on FAKKU for $16.99. The censored version of the game featuring mosaics remains available on DLsite for $12.13 (estimated from ¥1,540). A demo of the game's censored version can also be downloaded from the DLsite store page.

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