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WASABI entertainment has published 栗pick’s post-apocalyptic RPG Maker game, Wailing Guignol on Steam.

Wailing Guignol is a sci-fi RPG that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, in which humanity almost caused its own extinction after they created Guignols: weapons of mass destruction. Guignols were bloodthirsty machines created to kill. In order to save the world, the humans captured all the Guignols, destroyed them, and buried them deep underground. Even though the plan was successful, the environment had been drastically changed: the Earth became a harsh wasteland, covered in sand and steel.

You play as a boy who was born and raised in the desert city, Ergerita. While traversing this world, you must protect your childhood friend and lover, Shunoliege. Together, you will explore dungeons and fight Nonasomy types — ferocious monsters who have grown and adapted to the desert climate. There are many threats in this wasteland, both human and monster, that players will need to protect Shunoliege from.

Desert city, Ergerita.

Fighting evil and violence to protect the love of my life.

[Game overview]

Your home is Ergerita, a town in the middle of the desert.

You will need to explore and conquer dungeons to move forward.

The dungeons are filled with bosses and "Nonasomy types",

a relentless monster who evolved and adapted to the harsh conditions of the desert.

You will explore the world with your childhood friend, Shunoliege.

Use the bonus points to increase your abilities as you move on.

Will you be able to protect your lover? Her fate is in your hands.

(Turn based battle PRG)

You can buy Wailing Guignol on sale from Steam for $19.99. When the sale ends on April 22nd, the game will return to its sales price of $24.99. You can download the game's 18+ patch from WASABI entertainment’s official site.

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