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Save the kingdom from impending evil in BigWednesday’s The Heart of Darkness, a dark fantasy RPG now available on Steam, Denpasoft, and Kagura Games' own storefront.

The Heart of Darkness takes place in a kingdom once cursed by terrible darkness that erased all light. To save everyone, a maiden absorbed this evil into her own body; however, she wasn’t strong enough to contain the darkness. As a last resort, she sealed herself in the underground sanctuary, praying it will keep the dark at bay. While the darkness attempts to free itself and spread once again, the King has ordered heroes to explore the maiden’s tomb and slay her, hopeful that this will free them from the threat for good.

Many have fallen in their attempts to reach the maiden, but you remain undeterred as the next adventurer to enter the sanctuary. You can choose between five different backgrounds, with each giving your character a different set of skills and connection to the story. The adventurer can strengthen his allies, the transcender possesses overwhelming strength, the sorcerer has a vast understanding of magic, and the aristocrat can wield both blade and spell in hand. On your journey to the depths of the sanctuary, you may find shadow souls of warriors from the past; up to two of these heroes can be summoned to your aid. Together, you’ll have to explore winding floors filled with monsters and forgotten treasures.

Throughout the journey, you’ll have opportunities to return to your home, the Doll’s Repose. The repose can be customized and allows you to craft new items, as well as adjust your team, changing which heroes you can summon. Your living doll Mel takes care of the household in your absence, while other adventurers descend through the sanctuary alongside you, including the knight commander, Evan, and the cowardly scoundrel, Rafale. There are multiple endings to the story you can discover, which depend on the origin of your character and the choices you make along the way.

A terrible curse blankets the kingdom in darkness, thrusting it into utter despair and erasing all light. One day, a maiden of light appears from the north and chases away the darkness, reintroducing light across the land. However, after taking in all the darkness, the evil overcomes the maiden and consumes her, allowing it to escape her body. As a final attempt to seal the evil, the maiden locks herself away. The king, driven by fear, demands the death of the maiden to save his kingdom. Many warriors journey out in an attempt to slay the maiden, but the darkness curses all who dares to encroach, creating an even greater darkness that consumes the kingdom. Take up arms as the next brave warrior to save the land and expel the darkness!

Choose between one of five origins: the lives of people who fell just short of becoming heroes, all with different skills and abilities. Join one of their lives with yours and begin your own heroic journey. The Heart of Darkness has multiple endings depending on the origin you choose and the decisions you make during your journey.

Enjoy quick turn-based battles where strategy and choice of allies are key! Find Shadow Souls—the spirits of warriors past—and enlist them to aid you in battle! Each has its own unique backstory and abilities and can be swapped out freely.

Unravel the mysteries shrouding the Sanctuary of Darkness and its inhabitants in this dark RPG brought to you by Kagura Games and BigWednesday.

The Heart of Darkness is now available on Steam, Denpasoft, and Kagura Games for the promotional price of $17.99 until April 22nd, at which point it will cost $19.99. Adult content for the Steam version of the game has to be installed separately using a free patch available on the publisher’s website.

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