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A would-be hero seeks revenge on the princess who stole his title in Brave Princess Milia, an RPG Maker game now available on Steam.

Developed by Circle Fairy Flower and published by Dieselmine, Brave Princess Milia is an RPG where a dead prince takes control of the princess who caused his execution. The day before Prince Ryck would receive the title of Hero, his father introduced his new adopted daughter, Milia. She was a cute little girl who seemed to be sweet, but her appearance belied her evil intentions. Later that night, Ryck was visited by Milia, who claimed that she couldn’t sleep alone in her bed. When he offered to share his bed with her, she screamed, prompting the king and his guards to come running into Ryck’s bedroom. Milia told them that Ryck pushed her on the bed and tried to assault her. The prince tried to explain himself, but the king took Milia’s side and commanded the guards to execute him.

After his unjust death, Ryck swore to exact vengeance upon Milia. Feeling his intense malice, the Devil King appeared before Ryck and offered to help him destroy her. It's a mutually beneficial offer, seeing that Milia has taken Ryck’s title of Hero, a warrior who is destined to slay the Devil King. He will give Ryck the ability to control and humiliate Milia, and once Ryck has weakened her and ruined her reputation, he has to bring her to the Devil King’s lair.

Corrupting Milia is a task that won’t come easily, since she is protected by the three heroic blessings and has reached level 99. You must remove her blessings by collecting the three cursed tools, while you'll need to level up your common sense shift ability to make Milia perform lewd actions. Since Milia isn’t open to suggestions or willing to obey you yet, the common sense shift will make her believe such inappropriate acts to be natural. You can increase the ability’s level by getting her addicted to stat-reducing drugs and making her kill angels. Additionally, hidden away in dungeons are dark magic circles that can remove levels. Players will have to unlock doors and search the dungeon thoroughly to find them.

You can buy Brave Princess Milia on Steam for $17.99. There's also a demo available if you want to try the game for yourself.

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