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Restore a goddess’ hot spring in EXAMGAMES’ Hot Spring Hero, a slice-of-life comedy RPG published by OTAKU Plan on Steam.

The story of Hot Spring Hero follows Gale, a male adventurer, who decides to aid the goddess Nururuto and a young woman, Esel, in their quest to restore the local hot spring and turn it into an inn. As players embark on their mission, they'll also be joined by the energetic wolf-like chef, Unika, and the wandering fisherman cat girl, Mizuki.

The game is a lighthearted adventurous RPG focused largely on exploration, resource-gathering, and crafting. Players can collect anything from plants, up to bugs and fish, as well as cultivate a farm. Gathered ingredients can then be used to create helpful consumables and other types of useful equipment. The game features more than 100 items to collect, which become key during turn-based battles against monsters roaming the wilderness.

As Gale continues to aid the girls in their efforts, he eventually develops a close relationship with them, becoming more than friends. There are multiple endings to discover and over 24 base CGs to unlock during the game's estimated 15 hours of playtime.


It's a hot spring hotel in the mountains.

Goofy hostess, greedy dog ear cook, and cat ear fisher, even the goddess of hot spring were involved, to revive this hot spring hotel!

The adventure life with lovely heroines day and night, is waiting for your coming!


Elements of slow life

· collection:

The basics of an RPG! To revive the hot spring hotel, explore and collect items.

· Farming:

Sow and cultivate crops and raise livestock.

· Cooking:

Use all kinds of ingredients to make delicious food! At the same time, improve various abilities!

· fishing, insect catching:

Experience fishing and insect-catching games!

Adventure elements

· Battle:

Classic J-RPG! Equipped with new weapons and armor, use skills to fight.

· Equipment:

Not only can you use swords and bows, but you can even use pans as weapons!

Use more than 100 kinds of equipment to build your own team and skills, making adventure more relaxed and enjoyable!

Hot Spring Hero is now available on Steam for $18.99. Adult content for the game has to be installed separately using a free patch available on OTAKU Plan’s website.

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