Clean up for the next guy

Go on dates and fuck horny pony girls in artoonu's Lustful Ponies, a nukige visual novel now available on Steam.

Lustful Ponies is a short nukige visual novel by the furry artist, artoonu. There isn't much story involved with the game, with the premise revolving around three pony girls you can date. Players can choose between a timid and studious brown pony who wants to get her pussy rammed, a goth black pony slut, and an easygoing blue pony who's up for anything. After your date together, you can fuck them however you want.

There are six sex scenes in total, with each including variations that depend on your choices. You get to choose what happens in the scenes, whether it's being gentle or going rough with your ponygirl. There are also a variety of options for where to cum on her and many different fetishes. If you want to stick with something vanilla, the game lets you go for missionary, doggy style, or a simple blowjob. If you want something more unique, you can go balls-deep into her throat, hold her in a full nelson, or even fuck her pony ears.

Three different girls!

Do you prefer timid book whores or goth sluts? Or maybe easygoing is your type?

Several fetishes and positions!

Includes: vaginal and anal sex, doggystyle, throat fuck, titjob, ear penetration, full nelson, raised leg missionary.

Multiple Happy Endings!

Choose the way to finish - cum inside or outside? Facial, on breasts, on booty and more!

Be gentle... or not!

Choose the intensity, start with just the tip or go balls deep on first insertion and see her reaction!

Dynamic Context CGs!

Each of 6 sex scenes has multiple variations depending on your choices! Play again and check them out!

You can buy Lustful Ponies on sale from Steam for $2.54. After April 18th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $2.99. If you want to try the game out, you can play the demo on either or NewGrounds.

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