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An updated edition of ZyX’s classic slice-of-life visual novel, The Sagara Family Remastered, is now available on JAST USA.

The Sagara Family Remastered is a slice-of-life comedy visual novel about a young man named Yusuke, who’s about to begin studying at a university in Tokyo. Since the metropolis is far from his hometown, his father arranged for Yusuke to stay with a family friend. As the young man enters the Sagara household, he discovers that the five women residing there haven’t had a man living with them for a long time — not since before their mother became a widow.

The family consists of the caring mother, Maria; the kindhearted oldest sister, Arisa; the tsundere tomboy, Sanae; the shy and emotionless Emiru; and the energetic youngest daughter, Ruruka. As the five women try adjusting to a life with a man under their roof, various hijinks ensue. Life isn’t just fun and games, though, and Yusuke may soon end up helping his new family overcome their own struggles.

The newly-released remaster features digitally remastered art, an improved translation, resampled music, and a redesigned user interface. Additionally, the visual novel can now be enjoyed across PC, MacOS and Linux platforms.


Yusuke just moved to Tokyo to start his new life as a university student. It's a long way from home, but he's happy to finally coming to the big city. Suitcase in hand, he walks down the street to what will be his new home.

"The Sagaras... Yeap, this is the place."

His father's acquaintances lives in Tokyo and offered to take Yusuke in while he attends university. Yusuke didn't really have an opinion on the mater... until, that is, he finds out more about the Sagara Family.

"Welcome! Please come in!"

Four lovely daughters and their sexy mother all living together under one roof! Yusuke is absolutely ecstatic to be living with so many beautiful women, but he may have a hard time getting along with them. The girls aren't used to having a man around, and with their very unique personalities many unexpected events pop up! Most of the time, Yusuke and the Sagara beauties enjoy the excitement, but at times living together seems more trouble than its worth.

Remastered Features

• Digitally remastered art for more visual clarity

• Resampled music

• Smooth new user interface

• Improved translation

• Compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux

The Sagara Family Remastered is now available on JAST USA for PC, MacOS, and Linux for $9.99.

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