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Pre-Alpha for Private Dick: A Take of Truth and Beauty is Available on Itch.io

Follow the cases of detective Sam Steel in the pre-alpha for Cisco Donovan’s visual novel, Private Dick: A Take of Truth and Beauty, now live on Itch.io.

Private Dick: A Take of Truth and Beauty is a neo-noir visual novel that's still in early development. The story follows the footsteps of the private detective, Same Steele. One night, Sam was looking for a one-night stand with a girl he just met, but called it off after hearing her request: film the two of them fucking and pay him a cut of the earnings. Not interested in being part of her porno, Sam left and went off to the local bar, McGinn’s, where he vented about the night's events. The next day, after receiving no work, Sam heads to the bar again and encounters an old flame from his past; Roxi. Despite giving him the best and worst times of his life, she was more trouble than she was worth.

Sam heads back to the office, where a case was waiting for him. His new client, Emily, comes with a job from her employer: find Heracles, a Pomeranian that went missing around the docks. Sam accepts the job and heads to the docks in search of clues, but to his surprise, the dog is exactly where Emily said it would be. What's more, Heracles had a dog bowl next to him with plenty of food. Something was off about the situation that didn't sit right with Sam.

After returning to the office with the Pomeranian in tow, he asks Emily just what's going on, only for her to undress and seduce him, rather than provide answers. Due to being backed up for a few days, Sam gives in and fucks Emily on his desk. After their encounter, she immediately dresses back up and mentions that "Roxi was right". Before Sam could get any answers out of her, she left the building without the dog or paying for the job. The only thing that Sam does know is that Roxi is trying to worm her way back into his life.

Private Dick: A Take of Truth and Beauty gives you the ability to move from one location to the next and chat with characters for some extra dialogue. Your wallet is displayed in the top right hand corner, showing just how much money you have left. In the game's current build, you're unable to spend any of your money, but it may be implemented in future builds. The game also features close ups in box-outs, which can be toggled on or off.

Follow in the footsteps of private investigator Sam Steele as he unravels a labyrinthine corporate conspiracy, getting tangled in politics, webs of lies, and countless bedsheets.

Private Dick is not a dating game, or a harem builder, or a sex simulator. It's a sexual romp through a dark and seedy world. It has real characters, with real proportions, and will occasionally elicit real feelings.

Private Dick's sex is positive, consensual and creative. It will sometimes get a little weird (those are my favourite bits), and it will regularly try to surprise you. Once unlocked, scenes can be replayed any time with slightly different options.

You can download the pre-alpha for Private Dick: A Take of Truth and Beauty on Itch.io.

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