Putting the D in the double D.

The first chapter of Dreadful Enchanted’s slime girl visual novel, Slippery Kiss, is now available for free on Itch.io.

We previously covered Slippery Kiss when the game's demo was released, which focused on the slime girl, Azalea. Slippery Kiss: First Drip starts at the very beginning of the story, where the game's protagonist, Noah, receives five slime samples to study. He studies the slimes with his research assistant, Angelique, and they notice how unique the slimes really are. They each seem to have their own unique traits, abilities, and temperaments.

The pink slime, named Blush, is heavier, more playful than the rest, and smells of strawberries. The black slime, Viper, shies away from humans, likes warm places, and produces a chemical odor when anxious. The green slime, Azalea, can produce tendrils, restores wilted plants, and smells of gardenias. The white slime, Styxie, continuously breaks things, is capable of using magic, and has the consistency of smog. Finally, the blue slime, Marina, is like any ordinary slime, with no unique attributes of note.

To further study the slimes’ abilities, Noah and Angelique were going to use a few drops of power-enhancing potions on them, but Angelique accidentally spills entire bottles of the potions into the slimes’ tank. When Noah went to sleep with some of the slimes in his bed, he woke up the next morning to find that the slimes had taken the form of girls. To discover the secrets behind these strange species of slime, Noah will have to take a more intimate approach to his research.

Slippery Kiss is an erotic fantasy visual novel about romancing slime girls!

This is part one of more to come!

After receiving some unusual slime samples, Noah's academic studies spiral off into the world slime creatures.

Against expectations, Noah's slime samples show some very unique abilities. They transform from cute blobs into full slime women with lots of even cuter bits. Now, Noah has a lot more to study on and off the clock as he gets to know the girls.

A story about discovery, magic, and slime girls. Join Noah in his bid to find out the secrets of these unique slime monsters.

You can download Slippery Kiss: First Drip on Itch.io for free. The series updates bi-monthly, with additional chapters of the game being released first on Enchanted Games' Patreon page.

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