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Furry heroines face off against one another in card-based combat in Furry Tails’ Furry Cyberfucker, now available on Steam.

Set in a cyberpunk future, Furry Cyberfucker is a card combat game about six anthropomorphic furry heroines. The game allows you to choose any one of them as your character, with each having a unique stat configuration. Your task is to beat the remaining heroines in turn-based combat.

On each turn, you gain access to new cards drawn from your deck. Each card has a unique effect, which can be used to buff your character. Alternatively, you can forgo the card’s effect, and instead use it to deal damage to your opponent. The strength of the card depends on the value of your stats, which you can increase after each victory. The attributes include health, power, defense, dexterity, and intelligence.

Beating the game unlocks an animated erotic artwork featuring the heroine you played as, with six in total to discover. Many of the scenes include depictions of group sex and futanari.

Furry Cyberfucker is a cyberpunk-themed CCD game with some hot animated sex scenes, that become available once you beat your enemies. You have to match cards at your disposal in a way, that will allow you to increase your own skills and health, while taking down your opponent at the same time.

Furry Cyberfucker gameplay is a twist of a classic CCG game. With each turn you receive a set number of unique cards, which you can use of both your enemy, as well as yourself. By applying a certain card on yourself, you gain benefits of the card. By applying the same card on the opponent, you damage them. The strength of each card determine the results of its use in both cases. When your turn ends, it's your enemy's turn. Your goal is to take down all of your opponents.

Furry Cyberfucker is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $5.10 until April 16th, at which point it will cost $6.99.

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