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Enter the grand tournament of martial arts in Aburasobabiyori’s Kung Fu Grand King, an adventure game published by Kagura Games’ on multiple storefronts.

Kung Fu Grand King is an adventure game set during a martial arts’ Grand Tournament. The game's heroine, the dragon beastfolk Lan Mei, is a renowned prodigy. Once known as the highest-ranking martial artist and recognized for ending the kung-fu war that took place two years ago, she's since spent her days living in retirement. Just recently, though, she received a letter from her old master, requesting her help in unmasking an evil organization that’s been recruiting martial artists. To find their leaders, Lan Mei will have to take part in the Grand Tournament, the perfect place for the organization to recruit new members.

The game is an action adventure title, in which Lan Mei must progress through the tournament by facing enemies in combat. Encounters on the arena play out as a series of quick-time event challenges, which mainly test the player’s speed. In-between rounds, Lan Mei can explore the town to rest. Her mission won’t be easy, though: From being molested during fights, violated by the crowd, or even bullied between bouts, Lan Mei will have to show not only great combat techniques, but also strong willpower to persevere through her challenges.

Play as the kung fu legend Lan Mei and take part in a prestigious tournament, where you will fight a series of weird and powerful foes!

Instead of standard JRPG combat, Kung Fu Grand King uses a quick time event based system, where you strike at the pressure points of your enemies. But beware! If you're not fast enough, your foes will retaliate and inflict damage on you instead!

Outside the tournament, stroll through the Jade Capital and talk with locals to see what they think about the tournament’s developments. Who knows, maybe Lan Mei will turn into a proper celebrity? But like any public figure, you need to watch what you do, or the paparazzi might be on your tail... literally!

Eastern-Themed Fantasy Setting

Immerse yourself in a world set in ancient China, the land of mysticism and kung fu! This adventure will surely feel fresh!

Unique Combat System

Use the quick time event combat to strike at the pressure points of your enemies, beating them swiftly and elegantly!

Become a Star

Whether it's through Lan Mei's performance in the kung fu tournament or her antics in town, she will become a figure known by all!

Save the Empire from Evil

Take down the underlings of the evil organization one by one, making your way to the Big Bad Kung Fu Master pulling the strings!

Kung Fu Grand King is now available on Steam, Depnasoft and Kagura Games for the promotional price of $11.69 until April 15th, at which point it will cost $12.99. Adult content for the Steam version of the game has to be installed separately, using a patch available on Kagura Games’ website.

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