Putting the D in the double D.

A harem of succubi goes on a trip to Europe in Winged Cloud’s Sakura Succubus 5, a comedy romance visual novel now available on Steam.

The story of Osagawara Hiroki and his succubi harem continues in Sakura Succubus 5. This time, Hiroki takes part in the karuta championship, where he wins against the Japanophile princess, Stephania. Fascinated by the sport and the culture of Japan in general, Stephania invites Hiroki to visit her back in the country of Astoria. The young man agrees, hoping to spend some pleasant time abroad and discuss the game with his new friend.

As he gathers himself to travel to Astora, Hiroki is eventually joined by Hifumi, after the elegant actress invites herself to accompany him. Due to a series of happenstances, the bossy Marina and the sporty Hazel end up traveling with them as well. With his succubi girlfriends in tow, Hiroki eventually arrives in Astoria, where he rejoins Stephania and meets her mysterious maid, Elizabeth. Despite Hiroki’s hopes of settling down into a peaceful life, things start getting out of hand once again. Both Stephanie and Elizabeth begin showing romantic interest in the photographer. At the same time, Marina finds Elizabeth unsettling in nature, leading her to grow more suspicious of the maid’s true intentions.

In this visual novel Ogasawara Hiroki was a thoroughly ordinary man, until one fateful night, where - quite inadvertently - he learns of the existence of succubi.

After meeting and wooing a series of succubi, Hiroki is now prepared to settle down with his harem and enjoy a quiet life. Fate, however, has other plans, after Hifumi becomes embroiled with Princess Stephania Sofia Maria Isabella: a noblewoman who hails from the small European country, Astoria.

Stephania, as it transpires, is a big fan of Japan, and of Japanese culture, and - having lived an isolated life within the palace's walls - she's overjoyed at meeting a Japanese beauty like Hifumi.

After tasting defeat by Hifumi's hands in the karuta championships, Stephania extends an invitation to Hifumi. Stephania asks Hifumi to stay with her in Astoria, so she might teach her about karuta, and share with her stories about Japan.

Not wanting to travel to Astoria on her own, Hifumi invites Hiroki alongside her, and - through a series of happenstances - Marina and Hazel find themselves tagging along for the ride.

In Astoria, Hiroki meets and befriends both Princess Stephania and her dutiful maid, Elizabeth. The days pass, and both the princess and her maid begin to show an interest in Hiroki. There's something a touch unsettling about Elizabeth, however; something which immediately catches Marina's attention.

Could Elizabeth be more than she's letting on - and what, exactly, is she scheming?

Sakura Succubus 5 is now available on Steam for PC and Linux for $9.99. Adult content for the visual novel has to be installed separately, using a patch available on Winged Cloud’s Patreon.

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