You will never be the same again

Follow the adventures of a slime king-turned-human in Elfheim, a kinetic visual novel currently in development by Sunna.

Elfheim is a visual novel that takes place in a fantasy world inhabited predominantly by elves. The story’s protagonist used to be a high-level king of the slimes; however, while residing in his throne room, he was inexplicably squashed by a force of some sort. His slimy body splashed all over, reducing him to a simple level 1 slime blob.

The setback does little to deter the slime king, who quickly scours his surroundings for a suitable body and discovers a dead humanoid nearby. Eager to become a king again as soon as possible, he enters the body and turns it into his vessel. During his previous rule, though, the king hadn't interacted with any other races apart from the slimes. As such, he knows little about both his new body and the customs of all bipedal creatures.

Yearning for a form of natural protection, he attempts to steal clothes from a pair of elves playing in the nearby river. Said elves quickly discover his scheme, explore his body out of sheer curiosity and eventually realize he’s human - a member of a rare race, revered as divine. With two new followers at his side and a lot to learn about the world, the former Slime King begins his adventure of reclaiming his regal status.

Being developed by a small group of friends, Elfheim is a kinetic visual novel, meaning it features no choices or branches. Instead, players will experience a linear story of the protagonist and their adventures. In the case of Elfheim, the adventure's tone is highly comical and innocent — at least initially.

Elfheim itself is meant to be a larger fantasy world, inhabited mainly by elves and filled with mysteries and adventures. The developers plan to create a collection of independent fantasy stories about elvish protagonists, which will connect in places to create a larger, unified whole, with the story of a stranded slime being their first visual novel in the series.

You can play the demo of Elfheim in your browser over on Newgrounds or download the PC, Linux, Mac, or Android versions of the demo from the Elfheim Patreon page.

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