Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

ZyX’s cohabitation eroge, The Sagara Family, is receiving a remastered version on JAST USA.

The Sagara Family has joined JAST USA’s Classics Remastered series. The Classics Remastered series is a collection of games that are being rereleased by JAST USA with improved artwork, sound, and interface. The other games to receive the remaster treatment include Do You Like Horny Bunnies? and X-Change.

The plot follows Yusuke, a young man who is attending university in Tokyo. Some acquaintances of his father have offered him a place to stay while he’s attending school. Since Yusuke didn’t mind where he stayed, he took them up on their offer. However, when he arrived at his new home, he was greeted by the Sagara family, which consisted of a sexy mother and four beautiful daughters. While Yusuke is excited to live together with many attractive women, he will have trouble getting close to them since they aren’t used to living with a man. With all this awkward tension in the air, a lot of unexpected situations occur. While Yusuke and the Sagaras enjoy a bit of excitement, sometimes living together might be more trouble than it's worth.

The Sagara Family Remastered has digitally remastered art to make it appear much clearer than when it was first released. It also has new HD music, but if you prefer the original music, you have the option to change it. The user interface has been updated so that the game is more compatible with newer devices. The game’s translation has been improved as well.


Yusuke just moved to Tokyo to start his new life as a university student. It's a long way from home, but he's happy to finally coming to the big city. Suitcase in hand, he walks down the street to what will be his new home.

"The Sagaras... Yeap, this is the place."

His father's acquaintances lives in Tokyo and offered to take Yusuke in while he attends university. Yusuke didn't really have an opinion on the mater... until, that is, he finds out more about the Sagara Family.

"Welcome! Please come in!"

Four lovely daughters and their sexy mother all living together under one roof! Yusuke is absolutely ecstatic to be living with so many beautiful women, but he may have a hard time getting along with them. The girls aren't used to having a man around, and with their very unique personalities many unexpected events pop up! Most of the time, Yusuke and the Sagara beauties enjoy the excitement, but at times living together seems more trouble than its worth.

The Sagara Family Remastered will be released on April 13th. You can pre-order the game at a 20% discount for $7.99 on JAST USA.

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