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Chanparu X's RPG Maker game, Is that true that a 30-year-old wizard can live another life in a erotic game when he dies?, has been released on DLsite.

Is that true that a 30-year-old wizard can live another life in a erotic game when he dies? is a game developed by Chanpuru X, in which the title explains the plot on its own. The game's protagonist is Ao, a man who believed that he would become a wizard if he held onto his virginity until he was thirty. He had no experience with women, working a dead-end office job daily. After he was hit by a truck, Ao woke up and was greeted by a fox girl named Kon. After telling her how he died, Kon informed him that since he remained a virgin in such an ugly world, his soul remained pure until the day he died. As a reward for his purity, Ao was summoned into the world of an erotic game, where he can have his first sexual experiences with the heroines of each game.

Ao is sent to the worlds of different eroge, where he can take on the roles of different eroge protagonists and have sex with the heroines. Each of the games has its own game mechanics and genre, with different sections focusing on action, puzzle-solving, quizzes, and escape rooms. For example, the first section of the game has you follow Tina, the petite heroine of the game “The trainee witch is a princess!” This game world gives you five lives to attack monsters with, using fireballs as you progress to the next area. The game overall features twenty-two sex scenes, with three scenes per heroine. There are a variety of different scenes depending on the game world you're in, ranging from pure romance to hard rape.



Main character.

He was led to the strange world after he had been hit by a car.


She guide Ao through the strange world.

She calls herself "the beautiful fox with big boobs".


The heroine of 'The trainee witch is a princess!'.

She is a lovely wizard who adores the main character.


She's a heroine of 'Kemo ear method'.

She is being afraid of, but she is quite eak aginst love matters.


The heroine of 'Tsundere girlfriend'.

She is a librarian of the Morioku Library. She is cold as in the story.


The heroine of 'Aruma is weak for being pushed!'.

She is very soft in character and she cannot refuse to do whatever she was asked to.

You can buy Is that true that a 30-year-old wizard can live another life in a erotic game when he dies? on DLsite for the discounted price of 1,056¥, which is approximately $8.60. After April 23rd, the sale will end and the price will increase up to 1,320¥ ($10.75). There's also a short demo available that features H-scenes with one of the heroines. Just make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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