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Protect the world from an otherworldly invader by conquering dungeons in Fuyou’s EP Battle Girl, an action RPG now available on DLsite.

EP Battle Girl is an urban fantasy action RPG with no dialogue. Players take the role of a female student who protects her world by fighting against an otherworldly invader, known as the EP. The entity is trying to invade her world, prompting the heroine to enter dungeons that appear throughout her town to stop the oncoming enemy forces.

Controlling the heroine, players have to navigate maze-like dungeons made of multiple rooms filled with enemies, traps, and power-ups. Combat in the game is automatic and based on player movement: when the player runs into an enemy, the heroine defeats them, losing a portion of her HP based on her stats and the direction of the attack. If monsters approach her themselves, she will lose health without gaining anything, forcing the player to pay attention to enemy patterns.

In-between dungeon delves, the player can earn upgrades in the heroine’s dreams, using energy gathered from killing monsters. The goal of the EP is to corrupt the townsfolk, which the heroine can experience firsthand during her searches for dungeon entrances around town, as various characters will offer her sex. Giving in to these offers will corrupt the heroine as well.

This is a simplified ARPG game. No stories or plot text here, all events will be represented by pixel images or animations.

Compared with the previous game version, numerical and level optimizations have been made.

The entire game experience time is about 10 hours.

A creature with spiritual and unreal characteristics who named EP try to invade the worlds, the parallel world where the girl lives is also one of them, and you need to ait her to conquer all the twelve EP dungeons.

Please be careful, There are various dead areas and H traps in the dungeons! being violating and infringing even though the battle was failed. In some dark regions, EP attempts to devour the girl's spiritual consciousness at any time.

Passing game as virgin (the hardest mode), the girl will gradually falling towards EP creatures's reality when the H' number increasing dramatically. Finally, the residents wo lived in the town will be affected.

Thanks to friends for the translation of the brief introduction of the works, and deeply grateful for "奈奈氏" and "RottenCitizen" 's contribution to the testing and translation support for the game.

EP Battle Girl is now available on DLsite for $13.44 (estimated from ¥1,650). A demo of the game can also be downloaded from the store page.

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