Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

Shoot through hordes of shortstacks and bimbos in an old-school FPS, SLOOTER, currently being developed by BuxomDev and MonsterBox.

SLOOTER is an FPS currently being developed using the GZDoom engine. You take the role of Jotun, a legendary futanari warrior awakening from her slumber to stop an ongoing invasion of the slutty horde: an army of monster girls that can’t be felled by conventional weaponry.

Unable to simply kill her foes, Jontun instead employs a variety of stimulating weaponry. Be it through a dildo crossbow or a breast milk-blasting shotgun, she'll merely sate the monster girls' lust to the point where they’re unable to stand and fight back.

While SLOOTER is still early on in development, BuxomDev has recently released a demo of the game, featuring its first level: a castle entrance guarded by female goblins, slimes, and buxom bees. Following in the spirit of classic FPS games, you’ll have to explore the level in fragments while looking for keys that will let you access further parts of the stage. Enemies come in large numbers and attack relentlessly, demanding that you dodge the oncoming projectiles while making good use of your weapons. The first stage features 4 difficulty modes, three weapons to try out, and several helpful secrets, providing you can find them.

Aside from the ecchi-flavored content present in the demo, there are no sex scenes to find at the moment. In future versions of the game, there will be a random chance for enemies to submit to Jotun instead of blacking out from the weapon-inflicted orgasm. Once that happens, the player will be able to approach the felled foe and have their way with them. Doing so mid-combat also has the chance to give players an advantage, such as by stunning other enemies remaining in the room. Stronger foes will be more likely to invite Jotun after they’re defeated, and in some cases, will be guaranteed to do so. The game will mainly feature sex scenes between the futanari heroine and female foes, as well as occasional futa-on-futa action.

SLOOTER is planned to feature at least 16 levels with 13 enemies to face, with each featuring at least one animated sex scene. Additional CGs will appear in-between stages as a reward for beating the level.

You can download the free demo of SLOOTER from Itch.io.

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