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Survival Horror Game In Heat Now Available on Itch.io in Early Access

Watch out for furry monster girls during your night watch in MonsterBox’s In Heat, a survival horror game now available in early access on Itch.io.

In Heat has you take the role of a watchman, taking care of a building used for shows featuring monster girl performers. The show’s cast includes an acrobatic bunny jester, a stylish tigress performer, and a mysterious jackal in an Egyptian costume. Taking on the job meant food, board, and pay, which sounded amazing at the time; however, there was a catch. Nobody warned you that the robots come to life at night — at least, not prior to your first shift. What’s worse, the robots become dangerously lustful — so much so that the previous watchmen didn’t make it out alive.

The game plays over the course of multiple nights, each lasting for a couple of minutes. During each night, your task is to monitor the facility for anything unusual. If something breaks, a light on your desk will change color, warning you to check the cameras. Once you find what’s broken, you can fix the issue remotely with your mouse; however, you'll also need to watch out for the girls. They'll move between rooms, often breaking equipment to distract you as they advance towards your position. If they get near your room, you’ll have to close the doors. Doing so will cause the room to heat up inside dangerously fast, so make sure to keep them open whenever you can. Play with your desk toy to relieve the worktime stress, try not to break it, and make it through the night the best you can. If you fail, the girls will get their hands on you. Though it might be pleasurable in a way, it'll be the last thing you do.

In Heat is still in development. Currently, the game features three monster girls with unique personalities, multiple playable nights, and 20 animations to unlock by advancing through the game. The update roadmap reveals that new girls will be added in future updates, with the expanded cast including a shark girl, a trash-bandit raccoon, and a slime girl. There will also be game over mini-games, a shop system allowing you to make purchases in-between night shifts and customize your office desk, more sex animations and cutscenes, additional game modes, and more radio songs. Naturally, the game also includes its own lore, explaining the nature of the facility and the origin of the girls that stalk you. The story's secrets will unfold over the coming updates.

In Heat is now available in early access on Itch.io for the promotional price of $8.99 until April 11th, at which point it will cost $9.99.

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