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White Peach’s side-scrolling action game, Faux Saint’s Heretic Hunting, is now available on DLsite.

Faux Saint’s Heretic Hunting is an action game where a lazy girl is summoned to a fantasy world as the church’s champion. In the continent of Midra, a war ensues between a puritan faith and a lustful cult. Each century, the puritans and the cult each perform a ritual to summon their next champion from another world. Whoever’s ritual is successful will decide the dominant beliefs in Midra.

In the preceding century, the puritans' ritual was successful, so the cult accepted defeat and fled to the darkness; however, the cult didn’t give up so easily. They carefully plotted their comeback, returning with a vengeance. With the advent of the new century, the puritans have summoned their newest champion, Puella. She's a lazy girl who has no interest in becoming a holy woman and risking her life for nothing. While she only wants to return home, the church has other plans in mind for her. Puella will need to exterminate the lust cult if she wants to escape the manipulative clutches of the church.

In Faux Saint’s Heretic Hunting, the main goal is to defeat the monsters and maneuver your way through the world to progress. You can fight against the game's enemies with a short or a long sword and quickly switch them out during battle. You can also use projectile magic, letting players attack from a distance. If you get knocked down by the enemy, a sex scene will begin. You can watch these scenes for as long as you want without Puella losing health, and have the ability to end the scene at any point by hitting the jump button to break out of the enemy’s grasp. When your health bar is completely drained, another sex scene will begin. After this particular sex scene, you'll be sent to the gallery, letting you see which scenes you've viewed and which ones you're still missing. Additionally, you can zoom in on certain H-scenes and loop scenes if you want to.

You can buy Faux Saint’s Heretic Hunting on DLsite for 1,980¥, which is approximately $16.14. There's also a demo available, but the English option isn't accessible. Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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