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Help a shunned idol return to the spotlight in 樹懶叫工作室 and sloth gamer’s Idol Hands, an idol management simulator now available on Steam.

In Idol Hands, you take on the role of a failed entertainment agent. Having found zero success in the industry, you’ve ended up with a multi-million dollar debt on your hands. It's at this low point in life that you meet Uesugi Wakari, an idol going through a rough patch herself. After a video of her masturbating leaked online, she was kicked out of her group and now has to start anew.

In need of some new prospects yourself, you offer to help the idol out. The two of you move in together and start to work on Uesugi’s new image as a solo idol. You have half a year to help her reach stardom and repay your debts.

The game plays out across days, each divided into three periods, in which you can manage Wakari’s time and discover new story events. In each phase of the day, you can talk to Wakari and order her to stream, apply herself in classes, go out, or have sex with you. The success of many activities depends upon your performance in a simple minigame, requiring timed or precise clicks, depending on the challenge. At the end of the game, Wakari’s fate will be decided based on how you’ve trained her. The heroine can end up becoming anyone, from a porn star to a politician.

The game features more than 30 sets of videos and over 400 photos, full Chinese voice acting during sex scenes, more than 20 outfits to unlock and multiple endings to discover.


Due to an accidentally leaked masturbation video, the up-and-coming idol Uesugi Wakari is kicked out of her girl group.

Then there's you, once a premier entertainment agent, who has fallen into debt and forced to declare bankruptcy. With your back against the wall, you decide to become Uesugi Wakari's agent after a chance encounter and give it one more go. As you help Uesugi Wakari rebuild her dream of becoming an idol, you need to make some serious cash and pay back your multi-million dollar debt. During these difficult times, you two will experience both joy and hardship, and since you're living together... plenty of naughty, nasty carnal relations.


Idol Hands is a sex simulation game that also falls under the categories of life simulation and management simulation. Players will be given half a year to cultivate Wakari.

Based on how you manage Wakari, she may become a singer, a mega movie star, the queen of company reps... or even a politician!? Of course, there's always porn... or how about turning her into an adult streamer?

Each day is split into Morning, Afternoon, and Night. During each period, you can trigger various incidents or encounter a variety of NPCs.

Players can choose Talk, Stream, Class, Go Out, Sex, Change, and Rest. Increase Wakari's abilities and take on more advanced jobs to stack that cash and increase her popularity!

Besides the cultivation aspect of the game, there are some reaction-based mini-games to make the game that much more fun.

Idol Hands is now available on Steam for $10.99.

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