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Anicore Team's visual novel with card game mechanics, Forever To You!, is now available in early access on Steam.

Forever To You! is a visual novel developed and published by AniCore Team. You take control of a poor writing student who seeks adventure in their life. After leaving home on one morning, you noticed a man crying on a bench across the yard. Worried about the man’s condition, you approached him, only for the man to suddenly vanish, leaving behind a single deck of cards. When you picked the deck up, a girl dressed as a harlequin appeared, explaining that the man you saw owned this deck of magical cards. He used them to obtain whatever he wanted, but it was never enough: he wanted something more exciting and lost everything in a risky game.

The girl offers to give you the cards, but you're hesitant to accept them after hearing the fate of the previous owner. In the end, she convinces you to take the deck after assuring that you can get any girl you want — if you can win a card game against her. Surely you won’t end up like the last guy. The only real question is just which girl will you claim first? Will it be your college professor, your childhood friend, the beautiful French café owner, or even the harlequin girl? In the end, the choice is yours.

The game is a modified version of blackjack. In this game, you must get the cards on the table to add up to the right amount to win. The total you need won't always be 21, so the number can change. The cards in your hand aren't counted towards your final total until the moment you place them on the table and you can only draw one card from the deck per turn. Once you finish your move, click the pass button to end your turn. Unique to Forever To You! are devil cards that you can use against your opponent and improve your hand. Each one has their own unique ability: you can steal a random card from your opponent’s hand, remove cards from the table, or copy a card on the table and place it in your hand.

Features of the game:

- The game is divided into 3 original stories and one storyline.

- A card game based on the '21' card game and modified.

- Exciting mini-games scattered throughout the stories.

- The game is designed for 4-5 hours.

- More than 10 bed scenes performed in the form of a mini-game.

- Original soundtracks

- Extensive and accessible gallery

- Strip free card game mode

You can buy Forever To You! on Steam for the discounted price of $4.49. After April 3rd, the sale will end and the price will increase back up to $4.99. There is also a short demo available for you to try out as well.

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