Keeping things informal as well as infernal

WASABI entertainment has published レンジでチン’s RPG Maker game, Runaway Princess on Steam.

Runaway Princess follows the story of Aaliyah, a supposedly perfect princess who has escaped from an arranged, political marriage. Her country had spent most of its years in peace and quiet, but all hell broke loose when the demon lord appeared and caused chaos throughout the kingdom. To boost the citizens’ morale, the king thought it would be best to arrange a marriage between his daughter, Aaliyah, and the descendant of a noble hero. It was his belief that a wedding between a man descended from the country’s hero and his beautiful, intelligent daughter would surely inspire everyone through such hard times. The one person who wasn’t happy about this, though, was Aaliyah herself. Tired of being used by her father for politically-charged ends, she runs away from home.

After leaving home, Aaliyah can earn money for herself by hunting monsters; accepting requests, and eliminating the target monster to collect the bounty. She can also be dressed up in a variety of sexy outfits, each of which can be ripped during battle and feature its own H-scenes. The game has classic turn-based combat and no random enemy encounters: the battles are labeled with a symbol and can easily be avoided on the maps. You're also able to skip through dialogue and scenes with the message-skip function, making it easier to go through familiar scenes to obtain the game's various different endings.

Once upon a time, there was a normal country with normal peace. But these days, the forces of the demon lord came out of nowhere, and is causing trouble. So the king plans to make his own daughter marry with the descendant of a proper, and noble hero in order to boost the spirits of citizens.

■Deposit system that saves tons of money!

■Easy symbol-encountering system battle, and ordinary turn-based RPG!

■Message-skip function available!

■Hideable message boxes!

■Simplified Map display!

■Unique and interesting dungeons that won't make you bored!

You can buy Runaway Princess on Steam for $9.99. There is an R-18 patch available on WASABI entertainment’s official site.

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