...the fuck?

Sudden spikes of magic spark a conflict between men and mythical creatures in Tails Games’ Pleasure Kingdom, an adult RPG with card-based combat now available on Steam.

Pleasure Kingdom takes place in a fantasy world, one where humans live in conflict with other mythical creatures inhabiting their lands. The story begins as a witch and an elf consult their old friend, asking for aid with a distressing phenomenon. Surges of magic have been observed all over the kingdom, yet no one has been able to identify them. The witch; however, has a clue that they may relate to a demon now dwelling in a nearby village.

Watch the intrigue unfold as the witch and her elf husband team up with the human king to resolve the incidents. Pleasure Kingdom readily switches the perspective of its story between various characters, both part of the main cast and a variety of tertiary protagonists.

As you watch the story unfold, the characters will engage in combat, sometimes literal, and other times representative of a conflict in their dispute. Whenever a battle occurs, you’ll control the current protagonist, wielding a deck of card against your opponent.

Each turn, you’ll draw two cards from your character’s deck. Each can be used to activate its specific effect or to attack the enemy instead. The deck contains a total of 22 cards, with each only able to be used once per battle. Your task is to carefully decide which effects to activate, and which to discard for damage. Winning battles allows you to spend points on improving your character. However, keep in mind that as the perspective regularly switches between different protagonists, you’ll eventually have to face some of the heroes you helped improve.

As you progress through the story, you’ll slowly unlock animated sex scenes, which can be viewed in the games’ gallery. There’s a total of 22 combat scenarios to overcome and five erotic scenes to unlock within the game.

Pleasure Kingdom is now available on Steam for $6.99.

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