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Netori Nukige Playing with my Brother's Wife Now Available on MangaGamer

Cuckold your brother by sleeping with his wife in UMe Soft’s Playing with my Brother's Wife, a nukige visual novel now available on MangaGamer.

Playing with my Brother's Wife is a nukige visual novel following a young man, his older brother, and the brother’s wife, Miki Musumi. The story’s protagonist used to lust for Miki, but never really grew acquainted with her, not even knowing her name. Despite this, he’s still surprised to find out that she's since married his brother. All three of them live with the boys’ parents, though they're rarely in the same place since the protagonist’s brother tends to leave for lengthy business trips abroad.

Miki soon gets rather lonely without her husband. One day, the protagonist finds her masturbating and, given his brother’s complete absence, decides to make a move on Miki. The young woman is initially resistant but eventually gives in. While they decide to keep this one incident a secret, the two of them find themselves coming back together, unable to resist each other’s allure. Thus begins their secret affair behind the back of Miki’s husband.

Miki Musumi

She’s has a friendly personality without so much as a chip on her shoulder. Calm and composed, she has a soft, motherly air about her.

After marrying, she dotes on our protagonist as if he was her real brother...

Because she hasn’t seen her husband in a while, she feels anxious and lonely, sometimes crying or seeking comfort elsewhere... More than physical desire, she feels a deep emotional loneliness.

She has no experience with men other than her husband. Though she has the same desires as any person, it’s not like her body aches for sex every day. She’s the type that values the pleasure of her partner over her own.

After being embraced by our protagonist, this modest married woman’s spirit is rocked by waves of uncontrollable lust...

Playing with my Brother's Wife is now available on MangaGamer for $14.95.

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