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Kagura Games has published Magna Fortuna, an isekai RPG where a girl escapes her normal life, on multiple storefronts.

Developed by DOPPELGESICHT, Magna Fortuna follows the beautiful and intelligent priestess, Ayana Tomori. She is in line to inherit her family’s shrine, but she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her boring life taking care of it. If she could escape this reality for a more exciting one, she’d do it in a heartbeat. One stormy night, Ayana is woken up by lightning. When she opens the door to the bathroom, a blinding light pulls her forward, engulfing her entire body.

When Ayana comes to, she is standing before the world’s greatest god, Ashkelon. This god summoned her as a hero so that she can unite the kingdoms of humans, elves, and dwarves against an evil that is determined to overthrow the world’s order. Will any of Ayana’s experiences from her previous world help her with this quest?

Magna Fortuna has has a large world in which you decide how to spend your time. You can chat with the townsfolk, gather information, and accept side quests at the tavern. If you are only interested in the main story, you can just ride a boat to each kingdom and rush through the story. Recruit skilled party members and have them join you in turn-based battles. You can customize your team by adding different equipment so they can learn new skills. The choices you make will affect the story and Ayana’s attributes. Whether Ayana becomes a fierce warrior or wise mage is entirely up to you.

Key Features

- Fantasy World to ExploreThe world of Magna Fortuna is sprawling and open, with lots of different possibilities for progression!

- Lots of Outfits to CollectCollect a number of different outfits for Ayana to wear, each unlocking new quests and jobs for her to take on in this fantasy world.

- Tons of QuestsJourney forth on different quests, ranging from solving a murder mystery to investigating a suspicious shop in the woods.

- Varied CastWith a huge cast of characters, each with their own personality quirks, this adventure is bound to be interesting!

You can purchase Magna Fortuna on Steam and FAKKU for $14.99 or on sale from Denpasoft and Kagura Games for $13.49. If you plan to buy the Steam version, don’t forget to download the uncensored patch from Kagura Games.

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