Going in dry

A female warrior becomes a prostitute to hunt down monsters disguised as humans in Maria’s Journey, an RPG Maker game now available on DLsite.

Maria’s Journey follows the story of the titular character, Maria, a guild member who accepts monster elimination quests with her companions, Ozwin and Jared. After a certain failed quest, though, the trio’s relationship began to fracture. With funds running low, the group accepted a high-paying quest in Huenvike.

In the town, they meet Albert, the innkeeper who hired them. Even though the heroes can’t sense the presence of any nearby monsters, Albert assures that they're hiding in plain sight. The monsters in Huenvike have been killing townspeople and stealing money and women, disguising themselves as ordinary humans after they’ve finished committing their crimes. According to Albert, there's no way to tell a human and a disguised monster apart, but they happen to lose their powers after having sex. Without any other available options, Maria decides to work as a prostitute in the adult entertainment district to lure in the disguised monsters and exterminate them all.

When Maria is working as a prostitute, you'll need to put her in the most appropriate outfit suited to seducing customers; choose the outfit that fits her target’s tastes. The more costumes you have, the more of the game's events you can unlock. The main goal is to search for the disguised monsters and have sex with them. If you have sex with an actual human, your reputation will decrease and you run the risk of getting a bad end.

[Sex Scene]

To slay the monsters disguised as humans,

Maria, a virgin, gets involved in having sex.

As she gains experience, she gets more sensitive and her technique inproves.

Maria can't resist having sex, making her more erotic.

Will she start to move her hips willingly and become a bitch?

This game uses a high quality CG, making the players feel the texture of her body.

The actual-size (approx. 1500 pixel) illustrations is contained as well.


This game has a "memory room" as well.

For people who do not like RPG, there is a data

that can unlock all scenes on our homepage.

You can buy Maria’s Journey on sale from DLsite for 1,056¥, which is approximately $8.74. After April 13th, the sale will end and the price will increase back up to 1,320¥ ($10.93). There is also a demo available on the store, featuring a short intro and one H-scene. Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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