Putting the D in the double D.

Push back against the succubi invasion in Chaos Gate’s Succubus Heaven, an action RPG now available on DLsite.

Succubus Heaven takes place in a fantasy world under the threat of a demonic invasion. Perverse demons began appearing amongst the people, quickly steeling themselves to fight against the humans. The situation took a dire turn after an eruption of miasma at the center of the continent, which only seemed to further empower the demons.

Part of the humans’ defense against this threat is the sanctuaries: relics from before the disaster, capable of warding off the noxious miasma. One such sanctuary was discovered in a ruin at the continent’s frontier. The games’ heroines — Nellie, Sera, and Dorothy — are inquisitors sent to investigate the state of the sanctuary and do their best to preserve it.

Once the trio arrives, they discover that the sanctuary is inactive, likely having been disabled by the succubi. The temptresses and their foul minions now roam the cave complex. In order to reactivate the sanctuary, the girls will have to venture deep underground and confront the demonic threat.

Throughout Succubus Heaven, you control the three heroines as they venture through a labyrinth of rooms filled with monsters. Nellie and Sera are skilled fighters, able to use a variety of melee weapons to kill their opponents, while Dorothy repurposes discovered armaments into magic stones used for spellcasting. Survival will involve weaving in-between opponents, making quick slashes, and empowered charged attacks to damage enemies while dodge-rolling out of danger. Each heroine can hold up to four items, though weapons and spells both have a limited amount of durability.

Enemies will attack the heroines, tearing apart their clothing with certain attacks and increasing their arousal with others. If one of the heroines is caught in a grab attack, the enemy will proceed to violate her. You can try to get out by playing out a QTE sequence or by quickly swapping to a different heroine to kill the assaulting enemy. While you take control of one heroine, the remaining two will aid you in battle on their own, controlled by an AI.

Succubus Heaven features an estimated 3 hours of playtime, 13 enemies to fight, and seven bad-end scenarios. All adult content can also be viewed in the gallery mode after beating the game.

Succubus Heaven is now available on DLsite for the promotional price of $19.12 (estimated from ¥2,310) until the 8th of April, at which point it will cost $27.32 (estimated from ¥3,300). A demo of the game can be downloaded from the store page.

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