Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Marry your maids in the new marriage update in CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 GP02.

The second biggest update of KISS' Custom Order Maid simulation game has arrived to MangaGamer. With new new events added in the Empire Life Mode. Continue where you left off in the story as you try to pay back the debt from your uncle, the previous Empire Club owner. You're now able to marry maids in a “cathedral” facility. After fulfilling her likability requirements, your relationship with your maid will change from lover to bride.

You'll be able to dress her up in one of two different wedding dresses and try out nine new wedding night events, or yotogi, with her. Enjoy different H-scenes with a wedding theme, such as the pure-love, newlywed pure-love, and newlywed NTR H-events. Along with new rooms such as the “Cathedral” and “Newlyweds Private Room,” there is also new furniture. Customize your room to your heart’s content and make it into a home where you and your new bride can spend time together.

A Private Maid Mode and Private Maid Mode “Dark” have also been implemented. In the first mode, you can play as the Master and keep your favorite maid on your screen at all times. Spend time with her around the Empire Club and fall even more in love with her as you go for a walk, chat, and spend some intimate time together in bed. In the Dark mode, you get to play as a man who isn’t the Master. Push maids down, steal kisses, and have your way with them behind the Master’s back. “Yuri” has also been added to the yotogi events. This allows you to have your other maids join in for some girl-on-girl action.

Maria Seido

Innocent and naive; never suspects people.

She is very cheerful and sociable. She always makes friends easily.

She yearns for romantic love, but she has never really understood what love is. She wants someone to gently teach her about love.

Mafuyu Himuro

Serious and proactive; little strict about rules and has leadership qualities.

Although it is her weakness to be too serious and often unadaptable, she always tries to be sincere to anyone. However, she might not be good at dealing with unexpected troubles and accidents…

In romantic relationships, she can never be honest about her feelings and often hesitates or gets passive. She desires to like her passive self, and to love someone from all her heart.

Risa Takizawa

Speaks her own opinion; independent and mature lady.

Since she has an older-sister like quality, all men and women admire and depend on her. Although she is independent and mature, she is inexperienced with relationships, so she is not very knowledgeable about romances.

It is not easy to get intimate with her, but she might show you her deep affection once you do...

You can find the CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 GPO2 DLC for purchase on MangaGamer for $37.00.

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