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Align yourself with chaos or disorder and restore your companions' memories in The Curse of Mantras, now available on Steam.

After Winter Wolves’ successful Kickstarter campaign for The Curse of Mantras, the developer reached four out of six of their stretch goals and has since released the title on Steam. In the game, you have the choice to play as one of two protagonists: Lily or Ace. After waking up in the Afterlife, you meet an old man named Mantras, who informs you of your death and this new world you have come to. Just like the other dead people here, you are an avatar of one of the six arcana. As the arcana of death, you're able to use a magical music box that helps the dead remember their past lives and how they died.

Everyone is divided into two alignments: Chaos and Order. When you choose one, you will be teamed up with the avatars of the corresponding alignment. Depending on which of the protagonists you choose, Lily or Ace will join the alignment opposite of yours. The main goal is to fight against the other team until you've won and recovered everyone’s memories. Additionally, even in death, you can still find love in the Afterlife. You can romance all of the other avatars, with the exception of the other avatar of death. Helping them to regain their memories will earn you two romantic CGs.

The Curse of Mantras has a card-collecting game mechanic, with over one hundred and twenty different cards to collect. There are seventy-two creatures and sixty spell cards in the game, with each one being divided among the arcana and alignments. To battle against the other team, you will enter one of the arcana realms and face off against the avatar of the corresponding arcana. The card game sequences are also optional, giving players the option to skip the battles and play the game as a visual novel if they prefer.

You can buy The Curse of Mantras on sale from Steam for $22.49. After March 21st, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $24.99.

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