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Battle monster girls in Asgar Knights’ Re:BF, an adventure RPG published by Kagura Games on Steam, FAKKU, Denpasoft, and the publisher’s own storefront.

The fantasy world of Re:BF is no stranger to monster attacks. Groups of wild slimes and clans of vampires regularly roam the lands, forcing the common person to arm themselves and spurring adventurers to seek glory. The story’s protagonist, Venos, is a loyal servant of the noble Julius family and has just become an adventurer himself to protect the house that treats him like one of their own. What Venos didn't expect, though, was the sudden rise of new monster types. Humanoid and with female features, these creatures began appearing all over the kingdom. What's worse, they appear to be far better organized than humans are.

Throughout the game, you'll guide Venos on his quest to provide aid to nobles and commoners alike, often facing monster girls in one-on-one duels. Combat in Re:BF is turn-based, featuring fully animated depictions of enemies. Venos can access a plethora of skills, from sword techniques to magic spells, which the player can select from by leveling up and spending points in the ability tree, allowing them to customize the hero to their preferred playstyle.

During his adventures, Venos will help the people of his home city, Prontemple, by completing quests that tend to escalate in unexpected ways. His efforts will be rewarded by the growing affections of those around him, like the elder daughter of the Julius family, Pisca, who secretly holds affections towards him. Defeating monster girls will prove itself to be an intimate task as well, with erotic techniques being necessary to fully dissuade them from further aggression against humans.

In-depth JRPG

From learning new abilities to equipping a variety of gear or power-ups, there are plenty of possibilities to play just as you see fit!

Animated Combat

Each enemy in the game has unique art, with hand-drawn animations for their different attacks.

Full World to Explore

With several towns and dungeons, there's no end to things to discover, from hidden quests to obscure hints that you can use to uncover secrets...

Plenty of Characters to Meet

From the regular humans to monsters populating the wilds, the cast of this game is filled to the brim with all kinds of memorable characters!

Re:BF is now available on Kagura Games, Steam, FAKKU, and Denpasoft for the promotional price of $17.99 until the 18th of March, at which point it will cost $19.99. Adult content for the Steam version of the game has to be installed separately, using a free patch available on the publisher’s storefront.

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