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A single mother is offered a paid relationship in BP Games’ Opportunity: A Sugar Baby Story, a slice-of-life romance now available on Steam Early Access and

Opportunity: A Sugar Baby Story follows Jacqueline, a single mother of two children, who’s struggling to manage her student loans and rent. If her responsibilities weren’t taxing enough as is, she's also been unable to satisfy her intimate needs for over two years now.

Through a stroke of luck, Jacqueline reconnects with an old friend of hers, Roman. They used to be close in their college days but drifted apart once he moved out of town. Now he’s back, and for a good reason: having sold his company to a larger corporation, he’s since received a massive payout and became a millionaire. Not wanting to sour their friendship, Roman initially keeps this a secret, until he finds out that Jacqueline is no longer in a relationship and struggles financially.

Roman used to have feelings for Jacqueline, but never revealed his affections, seeing that she developed a relationship with someone else. Nowadays, he hasn’t been thinking of anything like settling down with her, as he really doesn’t want to be a father. Seeing that he does still long for Jacqueline's affection and she finds him attractive as well, Roman proposes a deal with her: he won’t be her new husband, but he will pay her to go on dates and have sex with him. Unsure of it at first, Jacqueline eventually accepts. Being with Roman will fix all her problems, both financial and private, and she already likes him. The question remains whether the paid arrangement can become anything more than that.

While the first chapter of Opportunity: A Sugar Baby Story has been available on since early 2021, two new chapters of the story have since been released. Additionally, the visual novel is now available on Steam Early Access, featuring all three chapters, spanning a story 75, 000+ words long for an estimated reading time of four to five hours. More chapters are still planned for release in the future.

Opportunity: A Sugar Baby Story is a lighthearted slice-of-life erotic visual novel exploring what it means to rebuild and reinvent yourself against a backdrop of late-stage capitalism.

With two young children, a full-time job, two student loans, and rent due every month, it’s no wonder that millennial single mother Jacqueline is struggling! She’s exhausted, she’s stressed, she’s overworked, and worse: she hasn’t gotten laid in over two years! But things begin to change after she reconnects with an old friend, who makes her a surprising offer…

The first chapters in an ongoing story of love, romance- and making ends meet!

WHIRLWIND ROMANCE - could a paid arrangement blossom into something more?

GET INTIMATE - enjoy a number of explicit sex scenes illustrated with loving detail!

FRIENDS ABOUND - Jacqueline is joined by a diverse and interesting cast of friends!

Opportunity: A Sugar Baby Story is now available in Steam Early Access for the promotional price of $8.99 until March 15th. Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3 can be bought separately on for the promotional price of $2.99 each, where they will later cost $3.33 per chapter.

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