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Yuri Romance Visual Novel Secret Kiss is Sweet and Tender Now Available on MangaGamer

A mischievous student charms her teacher in Rosetta’s Secret Kiss is Sweet and Tender, a yuri romance visual novel now available on MangaGamer.

Secret Kiss is Sweet and Tender follows the kindhearted teacher, Konami Izuho, throughout her secretive relationship with one of her students, Ema Serizawa. Izuho has grown up as an older sister to two brothers, spending her childhood with little spare time and many responsibilities. These experiences would eventually help her become a qualified teacher, gaining a position at a prestigious prep school.

While Izuho is friendly and sociable, albeit clumsy, Ema is a bit of the opposite. An outstanding and athletic transfer student, she grew up alone as an only child and never learned how to express her emotions properly. She spends her free time creating illustrations, which she posts online. Izuho happens to be a big fan of hers, though she doesn’t realize it at first.

One day, being starved for human contact and feeling a bit mischievous, Ema decides to kiss Izuho while they’re alone in the classroom. Though this startles and surprises the teacher, Izuho doesn’t object much. From this one little prank, a new and unexpected romance begins flourishing between the two of them.

Konami Izuho

Konami Izuho was assigned to a certain prestigious prep school as a student teacher. She’s a little clumsy, but cheerful, sociable and friendly. She has never experienced romance.

She has two younger brothers and has certain level of skill when it comes to housework. As she had to take care of her younger brothers, she didn’t have a lot of freedom growing up. As a result, she is a little envious of people who behave freely.

Her hobbies are reading manga, looking at illustrations online, and playing games. She’s kind of an indoor person. She is currently disappointed that her favorite illustrator hasn’t uploaded any new illustrations recently.

She also has mixed feelings about cooperating with Ema’s requests.

”I just don’t want to do it to see the illustrations... I think.”

Ema Serizawa

Ema Serizawa transferred to the school as a second-year student. She is quick-witted, nimble, and is an outstanding student. She doesn’t like exercise very much but is very athletic.

She doesn’t usually show her emotions and isn’t good at expressing herself. It’s not that she thinks she doesn’t need friends, but she is often alone.

She is an only child, so she feels she has missed out on being close with others, That’s why she likes being mischievous and making physical contact.

She’s actually a popular illustrator and is famous online. She keeps that a secret to those around her, though. Also, she hasn’t released a new illustration recently.

In her private life, she isn’t careful about what she eats. On the contrary, she is always neat and cleans her room properly. She also prefers wearing sexy underwear.

Secret Kiss is Sweet and Tender is now available on MangaGamer for $13.95 and on for $13.99.

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