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Prove yourself in a sci-fi card game and win the affection of other players in Azurezero’s Dickdown Duel, an RPG card game now available on Steam,, and DLsite.

In the futuristic world of Dickdown Duel, a new card game has taken the world by storm. Thanks to its producer developing hard light technology, players can witness their cards come to life. While the technology itself may be expensive, the thrill offered by the experience has drawn masses into the game, including the game's protagonist.

An ordinary player of the game, the protagonist happens to come across an unusual girl named Nat. She takes an interest in him and invites him to play at a special club, which has access to the expensive hard light technology. The special club turns out to be an underground arena using custom cards designed by Nat. The female contestants play while wearing clothing generated by the hard light, which certain cards can then remove. Other cards can then be played to pleasure the girls by summoning erotic devices, monstrous tentacles, or even simulated sexual partners onto the arena.

Throughout the game, you’ll spend time dueling against Nat and three other girls: the shy streamer, Kate; the outgoing bar maiden, Taiga; and the demon bouncer, Lucia. The game uses a deck of 40 cards, with up to four copies in a playset and 47 unique cards to choose from, including 9 lewd ones. Each turn, the player draws a card and gains one more magic shard than they had the previous turn. These shards are then used to play the cards themselves. The effects of these cards can vary from dealing damage and healing, to empowering other cards and creating permanent effects that play out each turn.

Acquire new cards, build decks, challenge cute girls and dominate them in Lewd card based duels.

Strip them down, Equip lewd items on them, and make them squeal with pleasure as you acquire more and more lewd cards.


4 Animated Live2d Girls to seduce and challenge in the Dickdown Duel Arena.47 cards to collect, including 9 with lewd effects.

Cg photos to receive for various challenges completed - from selfies to cosplay photos to more lewd ones.

The game contains safe, sane, and consensual acts of bdsm and sex.

In card games in game, the girls consent to having cards played on them that remove their clothing, equip lewd items on them (a collar, a vibrator, a blindfold, nipple rings, and a magic crest, and a ball gag), cause them pleasure, and use hard light holograms to make things have sex with them (tentacles/man).

Once you've collected all three lewd victory conditions, the girls will like you enough to have sex with you (male on female intercourse).

The girls can also send you photos to reward your victories or just for finding them on their rest days. Some of these photos are lewd in nature, and one includes girl on girl with penis oral sex..

There's also a blackjack minigame where the dealer removes her clothes when you get blackjack.

Dickdown Duel is now available on Steam and for $9.99, as well as on DLsite for $16.25 (estimated from ¥1,870).

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