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Fight back against tower guardians by using match-3 puzzles in 30cm games' Witch of Mystery Tower, now available on Steam.

Developed by 30cm games, a new game developer based in Taiwan, and published by ALL IN DIGITAL, Witch of Mystery Tower is a turn-based puzzle game where you battle witches. In the game's story, thousands of years ago, humans and demons were at war with each other. When the Demon Lord’s power had been exhausted, the humans used the opportunity to seize victory. Peace was restored thereafter and the warriors sacrificed themselves to seal away the Demon Lord’s lover, Moira, in a tower for all eternity. Moira was a witch and if the seal was broken, then she would undoubtedly plunge the world into another long war.

As time passed, the seal placed upon her began to weaken, leading to five descendants of the original warriors being entrusted with guarding the tower. They were tasked with killing any intruders, no matter who it was that came to the tower; even those who visited out of sheer curiosity were killed. One day, a young man approaches the tower merely because it kept appearing in his dreams. He doesn’t know why these dreams keep appearing in his sleep, but he's more than willing to face the tower’s guardians to find the answer.

The game's battles consist of match-3 puzzle sequences, wherein every match made will cause damage to the guardian and each of the gems matched will have different abilities. The different gems at play can restore your health, deal a lot of damage to your opponent’s health, or increase your defense. When your turn ends, the guardian will attack and reduce your health bar. You can also use items to aid you in battle as well. The main goal is to defeat a guardian three times to receive an H-scene and proceed onto the game's next level.

You can buy Witch of Mystery Tower on Steam for $9.99. There is also a demo available, where you can fight against the first guardian.

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