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Tokyo Onmyoji -The Tale of Rei Tengenjibashi- Released on JAST USA and the Moonchime Shop

Tyrant’s boys' love game centered around ridding Tokyo of dangerous spirits, Tokyo Onmyoji -The Tale of Rei Tengenjibashi-, is now available on JAST USA and Moonchime's shop.

Through the efforts of publishers HolicWorks and Moonchime Studios, Tyrant's visual novel, Tokyo Onmyoji -The Tale of Rei Tengenjibashi-, has been released overseas. Tokyo Inmyoji is a BL fantasy adventure visual novel with four primary love interests, set in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo in 2014. The metropolis is adorned with both relics from the past and new developments added over time. Though the country should be at peace by now, there has been an increasing frequency of assaults from supernatural creatures and spirits known as ayakashi. Even though it was previously banned after World War II, the practice of onmyouji has since been reinstated to deal with the threat.

The story follows Rei Tengenjibashi, a young man that uses his onmyouji skills to make a living, as he deals with troublesome ayakashi. While investigating supernatural happenings, Rei discovers that some of these spirits used to be humans. Will he be able to find the source of these transformations and resolve the incidents plaguing Tokyo?

“Occupation: onmyoji.”

Tokyo Onmyoji is a R-18 BL visual novel by Japanese publisher Holicworks. Moonchime Studios is pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Holicworks to bring this popular adventure to international audiences!

Follow a strong-willed protagonist on a quirky, fast-paced story filled with humor, thrill and action. Get to romance four love interests with charming and unique personalities, some of the protagonist's relationships will be cute and warm, others intriguing and dangerous. This game is guaranteed to have something for every BL fan to like.

The game is fully voiced and features beautiful art from Akira Sakamoto.

You can buy Tokyo Onmyoji -The Tale of Rei Tengenjibashi- on JAST USA and Moonchime Studios shop for $34.99. The game will also be released on Steam later on March 17th. If you would like to try out the game, there's a demo available on the Moonchime shop.

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