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A female knight strives to save a village from monsters in Shimizuan's RPG, I’m a sex knight!, now available on DLsite.

I’m a sex knight! is Shimizuan's RPG Maker game that follows a story from two different perspectives. The first perspective is the main story, which follows a knight known as Elene. In the main story, Elene is tasked with protecting a village from a swarm of monsters, but grapples with doubt over her own abilities. The mere thought of her own weakness proves to be a constant weight on her. When a strange old man approaches her, claiming to have noticed her worries, he speaks to her of a tree that can grant any wish, called the "Large tree of the oath". Elene promptly makes way for the tree, but rather than a magical tree, she instead meets Sacure, a succubus who wants to make a deal with her. If Elene becomes her slave, Secure will help Elene defeat the monsters plaguing the village.

The story's second perspective is called Sacure Hen, which follows the succubus that Elene makes a deal with. The story functions as a prelude to the events of the main story. In the magical world of Red Rin makai, the young succubus, Secure, is called upon by her mother, The Queen, for an important task. Additionally, once Sacure Hen is completed, an additional chapter set a few days after the main story, known as Deli urgos, will be unlocked.

The game features classic-style turn-based combat, with no random encounters. There are different sets of armor for Elene and Sacure to equip, with the armor ripping and shredding if their health decreases too much. The game is estimated to be 300 minutes long, with the main story lasting 90 minutes, Secure hen running for 50 minutes, and Deli urgos being the lengthiest at 160 minutes long.


Erene Arista Reredia (main character) age 22 years old

A proud girl who is the breath woman of the Arista family. She speaks in a young lady's voice and doesn't know any vulgar words. The Arista family is in charge of the lord of the village of Crant, and Elene always has the appropriate behavior as the daughter of the lord. He is pious, serious, trusted by the residents, and has a strong sense of justice. There are not a few villagers who have strong envy for such her. Moreover, there are a lot of people who have the desire more than it, too.

Sacure (the main character of The Sacure hen) age 927 (800, sacure edition)

The princess of the red rin demon world. She's a devil girl, a succubus, a sex-free, mischievous girl. When a dungeon monster disturbance broke out in The Village of Crant, elene asked for the idea of wanting to solve the problem, and signed a contract. There is a scheme rife like the devil, and she is related to one of this volume.

Wanda Age 927 (800 when sacure is edited)

In the red rindemonic world, the devil of the cat mata who receives the ceremony of the adult together. The wording speaks with a natural ending, such as "is~" He's not very smart, but he has a good knowledge of the gate. Sometimes i poison my words.

I’m a sex knight! is available on DLsite for a discount of 1,001¥, which is approximately $8.67. After March 19th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of 1,430¥ ($12.38). There's also a demo available, so you can try the game out for yourself. Just make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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