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Organize the sex workers of a brothel in Black Market, a management game by E-made+, now available on DLsite.

In Black Market, you take the role of a new manager at a shady brothel, taking care of a new, largely undeveloped branch. Your new assistant explains to you the basics of your job: You’ll have to hire new girls by paying off their debts and building new rooms for them to work in. As you assign them various tasks to complete, from live streaming to servicing clients, they'll earn money that you can use to expand your office further.

Soon after, you'll also meet the chairman, who turns out to be an old and cruel person. He makes a clear deal with both you and your assistant: pay him a set sum each day to maintain your position. He doesn’t clarify just what'll happen in the event of failure, but rumors say it's nothing pleasant. What’s worse, he’ll continue to increase the required amount each day.

Your management job isn’t limited to simply assigning the girls to work, but also managing their health. You’ll have to pay attention to their stamina and assign them to the healing room if needed. Over the course of the game, new elements will be introduced to up the difficulty, such as the girls catching STDs or becoming pregnant. You'll be able to address these problems with expensive medicine, rooms filled with gruesome tools, by selling unwanted girls off, or by simply firing them. As time goes on, Black Market introduces increasingly brutal features, tasking you with managing a scheme of cruel sexual exploitation, while doing your best not to attract too much attention from the law.

You saw an ad for a manager at a night business and applied.

You hear you can make a lot of money in a very short time...

This is a "Brothel management simulation" where you and the heroine, Ria, step into such a world.

Build rooms, hire girls, and make them work for you to earn money!

From the second day on, the "chairman" comes and takes your money. When your money runs out...?

Girls can get STDs, mental illness, and even become pregnant if they get creampied.

When they get pregnant, build a delivery room and let them give birth.

When the girl is might be able to do what you like with her.

If you kill a girl through overwork, be sure to dispose of the corpse.

Be careful, the cops will come if you misbehave too much!

As you acquire skills, unique characters will help you run your business.

When you start making money, you can buy a house and invite your favorite girls home.

3 chest sizes x 2 outfits

5 types of front hair x 5 types of back hair + 3 types of eyebrows

10 skin colors

Unlimited hair, eye, and clothing colors.

Twelve special abilities

8 different personalities (dialogue changes depending on the personality!)

Also, things like the amount of debt, number of ★, type of voice, profile, etc.

19 types of room (13 of them sexual) with animations which also change after upgrading.

H scenes with pregnant women and unique characters (in Skills).

There is a Bad Ending and a Happy Ending for the heroine.

Black Market is now available on DLsite for $11.43 (estimated from ¥1,320). A demo of the game can also be downloaded from the store page.

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