Going in dry

A knightess journeys to save a captured princess in PICOPICOSOFT's action RPG, Chevalier Historie, now available on Steam, Denpasoft, and the Kagura Games store.

Created by the developer of Rune’s Pharmacy, Chevalier Historie is PICOPICOSOFT’s most recent game. The story follows Jeanne, the Kingdom of Berde’s first and only female knight, and Lily, the princess of Berde as well as Jeanne's friend. On the day of Lily’s coronation, the Kingdom of Berde was suddenly attacked by a mysterious force, with the princess taken captive in an unknown location. To save her, Jeanne must gather the elemental spirits that were scattered across the continent and restore power to the Royal Ring before the kingdom is overthrown by the forces of evil.

Travel through dungeons and battle enemies as you search for the elemental spirits. Each of the game's enemies has its own attack patterns, where learning their movements and how to counter them is key to defeating them. Slaying enemies can help you learn new attacks and obtain useful items, with the items you equip adjusting how you want to play. If you want a challenge, you can use items that reduce the experience you earn or decrease your defense. There are no random encounters, so you can choose to either attack or rush past enemies.

The game also features different endings, based on the choices you make: the events, character appearances, and interactions can change depending on your actions. There is also a new game+ function that allows you to keep all your items and skills, so you can find endings and scenes you may have missed during your first playthrough.

Action JRPG

You can choose to take up the challenge and battle against enemies in dungeons using skills you learn while completing sidequests, or nimbly avoid them while dashing past the danger!

Beautiful Art and Maps

Get immersed in a fantasy world with a truly magical feel, complete with hand-crafted sprites and maps as well as beautiful, original art.

Varied Cast

Encounter both friends and foes, from noble knights to insane magicians, on your quest through the Kingdom of Berde.

You can buy Chevalier Historie on sale from Steam, Kagura Games store, and Denpasoft for $17.99. The sale on Steam ends on March 4th, after which the game will return to its retail price of $19.99. Don’t forget to download the R-18 patch for the Steam release from Kagura Games store.

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