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Evenicle 2, the sequel to Alicesoft's original 2018 RPG release, is now available for purchase on MangaGamer and JAST USA.

Evenicle 2 is an RPG where the protagonist, Alex, heals and marries powerful girls with his dick. The story takes place in a world threatened by monsters, wherein only a few people are born with rare skills that let them fight back against the monsters; however, these skills come with a price. Such individuals have what's known as Hero Syndrome, a curse that causes them to catch random diseases after using a skill in battle. The only one who can save them is Alex, a doctor with the healing skill called Medica. He is able to cure these diseased warriors with a drug that is synthesized within his body. Naturally, all he has to do is administer the cure into the patient with his penis.

Start your own harem by fucking girls to marry them, curing patients and growing your harem as you travel around the world. The game features six unique continents to travel through, where you can find more girls to add to your party or harem. You’ll also be able to improve your relationship with your wives by unlocking special scenes. Find multiple romantic locations and weird items to enjoy with your wives.

Additionally, you can explore through dungeons to fight monsters and test the endurance of your party members with Evenicle 2’s unique turn-based combat system. Not only can you capture the monster girls you encounter in fights, but five of your party members will be able to level up and obtain new skills. As you battle, just remember to pay attention to the any debuffs to the party caused by the Hero Syndrome.


Roam seamlessly across the world map of Evenicle 2!

- Learn about the unique cultures of six different continents

- Delve into dungeons that will test your party strength and survival skills.

- Find dozens of weird curiosities and romantic spots to flirt with your wives.

- Learn the secrets that connect this world to Evenicle 1.


A unique tale that will make you laugh and fall in love with its characters!

- Original Japanese voice-overs. E Massive story with more than 70 unique sex scenes.

- Tons of references and nonsensical fun in the typical Alicesoft style.

- A certain fan-favorite girl from Evenicle 1 returns for a cameo...!

You can buy Evenicle 2 on sale from MangaGamer and JAST USA for $34.99. When the sale ends, the price will increase back up to $39.99.

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