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A sound enthusiast takes up work at a voice acting company in CLOCKUP’s Erovoice, a romantic comedy visual novel now available on MangaGamer.

The protagonist of Erovoice has always found himself aroused by sounds. Oftentimes, he'd pay more attention to the audible aspects of media he enjoyed, rather than the visual aspects. Over time, his infatuation with voices grew more and more apparent to him, eventually motivating him to apply for a job at Cuckoo Clock, a voice acting company centered on creating audio for adult products.

As it turns out, the protagonist himself lacks the skills necessary to become a voice actor, with the role that the studio wants him to fill being that of a general affairs worker. He’s meant to run around the studio, helping out with odd jobs that pop up on the day-to-day. In the office, he meets the all-female staff of misfits: a promising junior who’s never been in a relationship, a stern and hateful voice acting pro with a young appearance, an antisocial recording engineer, an airheaded manager, and a workaholic boss. What he didn't expect, though, was his encounters with both the staff members and voice actors soon becoming much more physical and intimate in nature.

Sakuragi Iroha

Iroha is a brand new voice actress still in college who has just started her employment with Cuckoo Clock.

During her high school years she passed an audition to become a scholarship student at a major voice acting agency, so there are high hopes for her future. She became interested in voicing erotic games after playing them herself. When searching for an agency that would help her become a voice actress for erotic games, she discovered Cuckoo Clock and showed great initiative by meeting directly with Midori and securing her contract.

As expected from a promising student from a training school, she can perform any character flawlessly. Since she only attended all-girls schools, she hasn’t experienced romance before, and doesn’t understand how couples normally behave, but she’s trying to overcome that hurdle with her strong desire for improvement.

Morinaga Seika

Seika is a voice actress employed by Cuckoo Clock.

While she looks like she should be a young student, she’s a fully grown woman. She already has a long career as a voice actress, and is considered a veteran in the field. She brings strong name recognition to the products she works on, and holds a solid share of the market for loli characters in erotic games.

While she’s become typecast into loli character roles, she has the talent to perform a variety of different characters as well. Outside of the company she responds to people with her cute persona and her business smile, but with her coworkers she’s a caring, reliable senior, much like her boss. However, she works the main protagonist like an oppressive tyrant.

She takes great pride in her work as a voice actress, and is very professional about it.

Musha Hasumi

Hasumi is the recording engineer for Cuckoo Clock’s in-house studio.

The way she acts due to her height makes her seem demure, and her quiet nature also makes her come off as melancholy. Once she arrives at work, she holes up in the studio and rarely ever comes out. Though she’s capable of handling all the studio work by herself, she’s extremely shy and struggles to communicate properly, only just barely managing to hold normal conversations with her coworkers.

As a recording engineer she’s a perfectionist, and she’s both diligent and intense about her work. She’s also so incredibly talented that can handle cutting the audio in real time while recording.

Kibi Touko

Touko works as a manager at Cuckoo Clock.

She’s a hardworking woman who’s handled managing both their actresses and their general business affairs by herself. While she seems like an intellectual at first glance, she’s actually a free-spirited, clumsy sportswoman. She spends a lot of time on sales and accompanying the agency’s voice actresses in order to secure good work for them as their manager.

She’s the type to plunge headlong into things that strike her interest, and she’s brimming with curiosity. She takes good of the main protagonist, but he often has to help her clean up after her clumsy mistakes too.

Kuroku Midori

Midori is the founder of the Cuckoo Clock voice acting agency. She’s both the president and one of its voice actresses.

She’s a veteran voice actress with over a decade long career, and is popular in the industry due to being a reliable mentor for younger actresses. She’s done voice acting for non-adult products as well, but adult titles are her mainstay and she still enthusiastically accepts offers for them.

While she’s normally frank and broad-minded, she’s serious and earnest about her work. In private though, she’s quite messy. She’s often swamped with work, and is a also still single, even though she’s around 40 years old.

Erovoice is now available on MangaGamer for $44.95.

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